Xtreme Portable Power Station - 1300W - 392.000 mAh

€999,00 €1.499,00 -34% OFF


Xtreme Portable Power Station - 1300W - 392.000 mAh

1300W / 392.000 mAh

€999,00 €1.499,00

The Xtorm Portable Power Station 1300 gives you access to two powerful AC sockets with an output of 1300W, anywhere you are! Thanks to its high capacity of 1254Wh you’re able to power or recharge your devices many times over.

The XP1300 is an Xtreme Powerstation with a huge capacity. It allows you to power even larger appliances. For example, you can power a cooler for up to 19 hours or use an electric pump to inflate your air mattress or inflatable water toys. You can also use a coffee maker or an electric table grill for over an hour. 

It is even possible to connect an electric heating blanket or a heater to stay warm during a colder night.

The XP1300 is perfect for a weekend of off-grid camping and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

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Power almost anything

Smartphone (10W)


Drone (40W)


Laptop (60W)


Fan (10W)


Coolbox (40W)


4X Longer life
with lifepo4

This Power Station uses a new type of battery cell, LiFePO4. These cells have one big advantage over standard Li-ion cells - namely their much longer lifespan. While regular Li-ion cells have a "battery cycle life" of around 500, LiFePO4 cells have a cycle life of 2000. That's 4x longer than most other Power Stations!

33% Faster

X-Charge™ allows you to coimbine two power inputs to fast charge your Power Station. It's as simple as connecting 2 input sources. The wall charger, and the USB-C PD input. When both inputs are connected, X-Charge is automatically activated - fully recharging your Power Station 33% faster!

Xtreme Power anywhere

It doesn't matter whether you're going camping, road tripping, or simply just traveling anywhere remote - you'll have enough power to fuel all your devices. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, or even a cooler, nothing is too crazy for this Portable Power Station. Combine it with a solar panel and you're able to go fully off grid.

(Re)charge however you want

2x AC

1300W Outputs

1x usb-c PD

60W in/output

1x 12v Car Charger

120w output

3x USB-A

QC 3.0 Outputs

2x 5.5mm

60W DC Outputs

1x Anderson


1x 6.5mm DC

Input / PV

Tech Specs

EAN 8718182276305
Serie Xtreme Power
Capacity 392000 MAh
Power 1300 W
Length 43 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 24 cm
Weight 17000.00 g
Input type 6.5 mm DC port,PV / Anderson,USB-C PD
Input 1 PV / Anderson / 250 W
Input 2 6.5mm DC port / 160 W
Input 3 USB-C PD / 60 W
Output type 12V Car Charger,5.5mm DC,AC Socket,USB-A,USB-A Quick Charge 3.0,USB-C PD
Number of ouptuts 9
Output 1 AC Socket / 1300 W
Output 2 AC Socket / 1300 W
Output 3 USB-C PD / 60 W
Output 4 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18 W
Output 5 USB-A / 16 W
Output 6 USB-A / 16 W
Output 7 12V Car Charger / 120 W
Output 8 2x 5.5mm DC / 60 W
Material ABS,Aluminium
Battery Charging Time 7.3 h
Solar False
Manual Download manual
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