Passionate hiker and founder of the thru-hiking community, Elmar can be found on the trails for most of the year. Whether he's on a day hike or a hike of a few hundred kilometers, he needs to rely on his phone for navigation. Get to know Elmar and discover which Xtorm products give him #MoreEnergy during his adventures.

JAIRO IGLESIAS - filmmaker & traveler

Jairo Iglesias has been a successful filmmaker for 20 years, working with big names like Netflix, Audi, Fairmont, and National Geographic TV. For the past 8 years, he has been using Xtorm products to fuel his projects with #MoreEnergy. Get to know Jairo and discover his favourite Xtorm products.

ZILVER SCHMITZ - Self-taught filmmaker, photographer, and content creator.

Zilver Schmitz is a self-taught filmmaker, photographer, and content creator. Besides video and photography, traveling has also become a huge passion for him. He enjoys it the most when he can combine these two passions. However, with his on-the-go lifestyle, he often finds himself without access to a power outlet to charge his camera gear. That is where Xtorm comes into play! Meet Zilver and discover his favourite Xtorm products.

FOSR - Street artist

FOSR is a passionate street artist who creates monumental works of art around the world. Working outdoors, often far from energy sources, requires his electronic devices to have reliable power at all times. That's why Xtorm products are essential in his work as an artist. Meet FOSR and discover his favourite Xtorm product.

Henk-Jan Geel - Arctic Adventurer

Henk-Jan Geel, Arctic adventurer and expedition leader, is often faced with temperatures below zero. Winter journeys and batteries. They have a true love-hate relationship. For many things, you need power. But that cold, well, it doesn't really cooperate. In his blog, he explains exactly how he deals with this during expeditions.

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