FS5 - Magnetic Powerbank - 5.000 mAh



FS5 - Magnetic Powerbank - 5.000 mAh

Snap this Magnetic Wireless Power Bank to your iPhone and the Xtorm MagCharge Pro starts immediately. The 5,000mAh capacity in an ultra-small size ensures the Power Bank fits easily in your pocket and you always have #MoreEnergy for your iPhone with you!
  • Fits any pocket
  • Ultra-strong magnetic hold
  • Wireless charging with 7.5W MagCharge Pro
  • Charging starts automatically
  • 18W Xtorm Fast Charge charging via cable
  • Precise LED display with battery status
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Extra powerboost for your phone

The compact design of this Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is perfect for you if you want a small, magnetic charger. It provides your phone with new energy, whenever you want it. Charging with this Power Bank is easy. Simply snap it on the back of your iPhone and charging starts immediately. With its 5,000 mAh capacity, you have extra energy for your phone at your fingertips and get through the day without any charging stress!

MagCharge Pro

With MagCharge Pro technology, you magnetically and wirelessly charge your phone. Thanks to the ultra-strong magnets, the Power Bank snaps on to the back of your phone and doesn’t let go until you want it to. The battery gets charged quickly and wirelessly thanks to the strong and precisely positioned, magnetic connection. With 7.5W MagCharge Pro, you'll charge your phone effortlessly and in no time. The Xtorm MagCharge Pro technology is fully compatible with Apple's MagSafe.

LED display for precise battery status

The precise LED display appears during charging and shows the current battery percentage of the Power Bank. You can see the energy flowing from the Power Bank into your phone! The display also tells you when it is time to recharge the Power Bank itself. Stay informed about the energy level of the Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with just one simple glance.

Keep using your phone while it charges

The combination of iPhone and Power Bank fits comfortably in your hand during charging. The flat Power Bank adds little size and weight. The geometric design combined with the material used, ensure a pleasant grip. As a result, you can still use your phone while it charges. Continue to make calls and navigate or scroll through your Instagram feed. Get rid of your low battery anxiety!

Double charging with Xtorm Fast Charge

When it's time to recharge the Power Bank, Xtorm 18W Fast Charge makes it happen in no time. Via the USB-C port, you can fully recharge the FS5 Power Bank within 1.5 hours. Thanks to the pass-through function, you can also wirelessly charge your phone while the Power Bank is being charged, simultaneously. So both your phone and Power Bank are quickly ready for the next round!

It is also possible to charge smartphones that do not support wireless charging by using a cable and the 18W USB-C connection. When you re-energise a phone via the USB-C port, you do so with Xtorm Fast Charge. This technology charges any phone lightning-fast! 

wow, so paper-thin?

Adding this magnetic Power Bank on the back of your phone, gives you an extra battery boost, while only being 13mm thin. You can easily still use your phone while charging, without the hassles of a cable.

innovative Magcharge pro magnets

With the development of this Power Bank, great attention was paid to the magnets. Using the innovative Xtorm MagCharge Pro technology, you enjoy a fast-charging phone via a wireless Power Bank that won't just fall off your phone. That makes this FS5 Power Bank not only stylish, but also definitely incredibly practical.

Xtorm Safety Check

The Xtorm 6-layer safety check ensures safe daily use with this Magnetic Power Bank! The built-in mechanisms protect this Power Bank and its connected devices against short circuits, overheating and overcharging, among other things. The extensive quality control gives you a safe and high-quality Power Bank to use every day.

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