FS5 - Magnetic Powerbank - 10.000 mAh



FS5 - Magnetic Powerbank - 10.000 mAh

This Magnetic Wireless Power Bank has a capacity of 10K mAh and is perfect for charging an iPhone. This Power Bank clicks magnetically to your phone and fast charges it with 15W Xtorm MagCharge Ultra. Charging starts with a firm hold and a simple click! With this Magnetic FS5 Power Bank, you always have #MoreEnergy for your iPhone at hand.
  • Fits almost any pocket
  • Ultra-strong magnetic hold
  • With 15W MagCharge Ultra from 0-20% battery in 20 minutes
  • 20W Xtorm Super FastCharge charging via cable
  • LED display with battery status
  • Integrated kickstand
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Extend the battery life of your iPhone

This Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is perfect for you if you use your phone all day, every day! With a 10,000 mAh capacity, you'll have extra energy for your iPhone at your fingertips and make it to the end of the day without low-battery anxiety! Simply snap the portable charger to your iPhone and click the button to start charging immediately. 

Xtorm MagCharge Ultra 20% extra in 20 minutes

The Xtorm MagCharge Ultra technology charges your phone magnetically and wirelessly. The strong magnets in the Power Bank align perfectly with the magnets in your iPhone and connect seamlessly. The FS5 Power Bank clicks onto the magnets embedded in your phone and, after a simple click, charges its battery wirelessly and in the most efficient way. The 15W MagCharge Ultra gives an iPhone 20% extra in just 20 minutes! Xtorm MagCharge Ultra is fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe. 

3in1: power bank or desk- and nightstand

The power button is hidden underneath the kickstand and you activate charging with a simple click on that kickstand. Unfolded, this integrated, metal kickstand allows you to put your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode while charging. It transforms the Magnetic Power Bank into a desk charger, which allows you to keep watching videos or make videocalls! 

Continue scrolling while charging

The Power Bank is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, even while charging. The unique pattern on the FS5 Power Bank combined with the used material gives you a comfortable grip. The Power Bank magnetically clicks into place on the back of your iPhone and charging starts with a simple click on the kickstand. Review your pictures or scroll through your Instagram feed while charging. 

Pass-through function for double charging

Via the USB-C PD port, you can easily re-energise the Power Bank with 20W Xtorm Super FastCharge. Using this technology, the Magnetic Power Bank gets recharged lightning-fast. This FS5 Power Bank also features the pass-through function. While the Power Bank itself charges via the USB-C PD port, your iPhone gets new energy, simultaneously and wirelessly in a time-saving way!

It is also possible to provide new energy to any other type of smartphone via the USB-C PD port. When using this charging method, you charge with 20W Xtorm Super FastCharge. This technology ensures any new type of smartphone is charged super-fast! Making this FS5 Power Bank truly complete and your go-to portable charger for everyday use. 

Wow so thin?

Adding this magnetic Power Bank on the back of your phone, gives you an extra battery boost, while only being 23mm thin. You can easily still use your phone while charging, without the hassles of a cable.

Xtorm safety check

Both the Power Bank itself and the connected devices are protected against short circuits, overheating and overcharging, among other things thanks to the built-in mechanisms. The Xtorm 6-layer safety check ensures that this is your Magnetic Power Bank for daily charging! A safe and high-quality Power Bank to use every day, thanks to the extensive quality control. 

LED display shows percentage

While charging, the current battery percentage appears on the LED display of the Power Bank. This way, you literally see the energy transferring from the Power Bank to your phone! This LED display also tells you when it is time to recharge the Power Bank itself. Ensuring you and your devices never run out of #MoreEnergy! 

Innovative Magcharge ultra magnets

Magnets are the basis for the development of this magnetic Power Bank. By means of the innovative Xtorm MagCharge Ultra technology, you enjoy a fast-charging phone via a wireless Power Bank that doesn't just let go. This makes this FS5 Power Bank not only stylish, but also definitely incredibly powerful and practical.

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