What is
a powerbank? 

A Power Bank is a portable charger which you can use to charge your devices wherever you go. This means you are no longer dependent on a power outlet and your devices are always charged.

Most power banks are able to charge many different devices. E.g. a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, action camera, drone, tablet and sometimes even a laptop.

What Powerbank suits me?


No more empty battery

With a Powerbank from Xtorm you can charge all your devices wherever you are. Without having to depend on an power outlet.



Xtorm products always feature powerful and innovative charging techniques. This allows you to fast charge multiple devices simultaneously.


High quality & Safe

All Xtorm products are safe and tested under extreme conditions according to the 6-layers of the Xtorm Safety Check.




The Traveler

The ultimate all-in-one travel powerbank, even for a laptop.

Thanks to the built-in cable you'll never leave home without one. Fast charge your smartphone, tablets and even charge your laptop. USB-C PD allows power in- and output up to 60W.

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, t
he XB3 will certainly give #MoreEnergy. 

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The Wireless

The Design Series Wireless powerbank blend seamlessly with your interior.

Combining an aluminium frame and tempered glass top with the latest in wireless technology and USB-C makes for a top of the line product. The future is wireless and beautiful.

Decorate your home or even your office with a piece of design.

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The Xtreme

Extreme products capable to power any adventures you take on.

Power products that allow you to fast charge your mobile devices in any condition. With an IP rating making the power banks water, dust and shock resistant.

Perfectly suited for you to conquer the more demanding enviroments.

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The Daily user

The Fuel Series 3 is a range of no-nonsense Power Banks that allow you to fast charge your smartphone with incredible speed, thanks to USB-C PD. That is why the fuel series is perfectly suited for everyday use.

Whether on your daily commute or working out at the gym, the FS3 is ready!

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The Powerhouse

Powerful Power Banks with a huge capacity and AC outputs.

Suitable for supplying AC powered devices with energy. So you can use small lamps, laptops, fans, razors and much more wherever you are. 

Go ahead and camp off-grid with your mobile power outlet!

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No more 
empty battery

Energizing people on the go is what we do best.

Whether you’re at home, on a business trip, climbing mountains or commuting to work, we'll make sure you'll never be without power. We know travelers and provide them with high quality products, tested by millions all over the world.



Xtorm stands for quality and best-in-class products. While traveling (whether a daily commute or a business trip to the US) you need to be able to count on your gear in terms of durability, usage and experience.

We want to help you get the most out of your devices, that's why we're always in search of the latest (technical) innovations to include in our power products.


High quality
& Safe

Xtorm products are built for travel and will survive in any kind circumstances, from sub-zero temperatures, to heavy use on city trips. If a product can survive those kind of travels, it can handle about anything.

Safety is the most important value to our brand. All our products are tested according to a 6 layer certified safety check. This safety check prevents unsafe situation and protects your device from damages and unnecessary wear.

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