Solar Power Bank 20W - 10.000 mAh - Fuel Series 4



Solar Power Bank 20W - 10.000 mAh - Fuel Series 4

20W / 10.000 mAh

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The Xtorm 20W Fuel Series Solar Charger 10.000 is a solar charger that gives you the freedom and energy to go anywhere you want, making it perfect for all your adventures.

  • 10,000mAh battery
  • 20W USB-C PD output
  • 2x USB output
  • Built-in SunPower® solar panel
  • Splash-proof (IPX4)
  • Powerful integrated LED flashlight
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Product Description

The Xtorm 20W Fuel Series Solar Charger 10.000 is a solar charger that gives you the freedom and energy to go anywhere you want, making it perfect for all your adventures.

Next Gen Power is here

This Power Bank has all the latest tech and new features that bring you Next Gen charging speeds. It has 2 USB outputs, and one extra powerful 20W USB-C that’s designed to charge your smartphone faster than ever. 

Fast. How fast?

This Fuel Series Power Bank can charge a brand new iPhone 14 and iPhone 12/13 up to 59% in just half an hour. Compared to using an old charging brick, this is up to 3x faster!

Developed with passion

At Xtorm we believe you should get joy and energy from using our products, which is why we put extra care and attention into the design and user friendliness of our power banks. 

Giving #MoreEnergy

The solar charger is equipped with a 10,000mAh lithium-polymer battery, powerful enough to charge a smartphone at least 2x. The charger also features a 20W USB-C output that fast charges your smartphone, so you’re always ready to go.

Powered by the sun

The Solar Charger itself can be recharged in two ways, either via USB-C, or by taking it outside and let the built-in solar panel do its work. 

Made for adventure

The Solar Charger is splash-proof, drop-resistant, and has a powerful integrated LED flashlight, making it the perfect solar charger for all your outdoor adventures. With the large internal battery and powerful solar panel you will always have some extra energy at hand, wherever and whenever needed!

Solar recharge time

A wide variety of factors have an impact on how fast the sun is able to recharge your Solar Charger, like the season, location, time of day, and of course cloudiness.

To give you a clear picture how much free power you can expect from the built-in solar panel, we provide 2 different scenarios below to illustrate the difference in charging speed. 

How long it takes to fully recharge your Solar Charger:

1. On a mostly sunny day in spring or summer, it takes around 10 days

2. On a mostly sunny day in fall or winter, it takes around 20 days 

As you can see, we haven’t given an example of how long it takes to recharge on mostly cloudy days. This is because, unfortunately, solar charging is really not effective enough in these conditions.

At Xtorm we use the high efficiency SunPower solar cells to provide as much power as possible from a small surface area. Are the charging times listed above not as fast as you would like? Don’t worry, at Xtorm we have solar chargers and panels in all sizes. Check out our other products to see which suits you best!

Tech Specs

EAN 8718182275490
Serie Fuel Series 4
Capacity 10000 MAh
Power 20 W
Length 17 cm
Width 9 cm
Height 2 cm
Weight 289.00 g
Output type USB-C PD,USB-A Quick Charge 3.0
Number of ouptuts 3
Output 1 USB-C PD / 20 W
Output 2 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18 W
Output 3 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18 W
Material PC,ABS
Water Resistant IPX4
Cable length 0.30 m
Phone Charging Times 3.0
Made for iPhone false
Battery Charging Time 2.0 h
Flashlight true
Solar True
Solar Panel (W) 1
Manual Download manual

Customer Reviews

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Fully satisfied with FS405

Charging from this power bank works great with my smart phone and tablet. The combination of flash light and power source is handy. Use of this device is straightforward and indicators for depletion/charging levels are small though visible. I am fully satisfied with this product. When empty, it charges properly through USB-C.
The only question mark is why the left hand led blinks rapidly when I am charging, while the other (three) right hand leds are permanently lighting up. The manual does not mention this use case.

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