A power bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic gadgets when you’re on the move. Charge your power bank at home to have #MoreEnergy on the go!

You can use a Xtorm power bank to charge your favourite mobile devices on the go. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, we can keep you charged!

What kind of devices do you want to charge? How many mAh do you need? Our filter system in our shop guides you through the process of choosing the power bank you need. 

Yes, Xtorm power bank till 100Wh can be taken into hand luggage. Some airliners allow power bank till 160Wh into handluggage. Please check the dangarous goods statement of the airliner you're flying with before checking in. 

How to calculate Wh of Xtorm power banks:

(capacity x 3,7V) / 1000

Example: Xtorm 18W Apollo 15.000

(15000 x 3,7) / 1000 = 55,5Wh.  

You can charge your laptop with our AC power banks or you can use the Power Delivery technology when you can charge your laptop with USB-C. 

All the details are discussed in our blog here

No, not all Xtorm power banks are suitable for charging your laptop. You need an AC output of Power Delivery output. 

You can read all the details here.

Only our XB3 series can be charged fast, due their high input. 

For any other power bank, we advice you the CX022 Xtorm Quick Charge 3.0 adapter. 

We use the expression "Watt" to explain a way of fast charging. Below you can find the differences. 


10 t/m 12 watts

Most chargers without fast charging, have an output of 10 or 12 watts. This is fine for smartphones and tablets, at normal speed.

15 t/m 18 watts

We're fast charging from 15 watts. You can fast charge your iPhone from 15 watts. 

19 t/m 30 watts

Only a few Android smartphones and the iPad Pro can be charged till 30 watts. When a devices can only charge till 18 watts fast charging, the Xtorm power bank or Xtorm adapter will automatically provide only 18 watts. 

31 t/m 60 watts

You use these fast chargers for laptops. Chromebooks and small MacBooks are being charged with at least 45 watts. 

61 t/m 100 watts

The MacBook Pro 13" needs 61 watts input, while the MacBook Pro 15" needs 87 watts. 

Connect the AC adapter with the AC output, check the manual of your Xtorm AC Power Bank to switch on the AC output. 

Sometimes it happens when your power bank is not precharged. This is because we can only charge the power banks till 20%. Please try to charge the power bank at home. If this doesn't work either, please contact our customer support. 

Yes, with our newest series (FS3 and XB3) you can charge the power bank and at the same time you can charge your device. 

Did you try to charge the power bank and the device with a different cable and adapter? If the power bank still doesn't seem to work, please contact our customer support. 

Is your smartphone wireless charging compatible? If yes, did you place it on the wireless charging spot on your power bank? Push the botton and the wireless charging should start immediately. Still doens't work? Please contact our customer support. 

Can you laptop be charged with USB-C? Are you using a USB-C Power Delivery cable? Only this cable is able to provide the minumum watt your device needs to be charged. Are you still finding difficulties to charge your laptop? Please contact our customer support. 

We always advise to frequently use your Xtorm power bank, this to provide a longer life cycle. Did you leave your power bank to charge fully instead of 25-75%? Are you still finding difficulties? Please contact our customer support. 

Is your question not answered or have you not been helped by one of the above questions? Then contact our Customer Service via support@telco-acc.com.

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