Xtreme Portable Power Station - 500W - 192.000 mAh



Xtreme Portable Power Station - 500W - 192.000 mAh

500W / 192.000 mAh

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Whether you're camping, going on a road trip, or traveling to a remote location, nowadays you always need power to keep using your devices. With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 500W, you always have access to 2 outlets with a powerful output of 500W, anytime and anywhere. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, or even a cooler or TV; nothing is too much for this Portable Power Station. Combine it with a Solar Panel, and you'll be able to go completely off-grid.

2 outlets of 500W
612Wh battery capacity
Battery with 4x longer lifespan
5 different ports
Suitable for your phone, laptop, camera, drone, LED lamp, cooler, TV, and much more
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Product Description

Ever wished you had access to an AC socket even when you aren’t at home? With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 500 you have access to two powerful AC sockets with a combined output of 500W, anywhere you are. Thanks to its high capacity of 612Wh you’re able to power almost anything!

The XP500 provides hours of extra power! With this Xtreme Powerstation 500W, you have enough energy to power a small cooler for about 10 hours. You can also fully charge a laptop 4.5 times. You can even watch TV for 12 hours or run a 10W LED lamp for 1.5 days! In addition, you can connect an electric air pump to easily inflate your air bed or swimming pool, for example. 

The XP500 is the perfect choice for spending a night camping or in your tent in the backyard with your power station.

Batteries that have a 4x longer lifespan

This Power Station uses a new type of battery cell, LiFePO4. These cells have one big advantage over standard Li-ion cells – namely their much longer lifespan. While regular Li-ion cells have a “battery cycle life”* of around 500, LiFePO4 cells have a cycle life of 2000. That’s 4x longer than most other Power Stations! 

Recharge 33% faster with X-Charge

X-Charge allows you to combine two power inputs to fast charge your Power Station. It’s as simple as connecting 2 input sources: The wall charger, and the USB-C PD input. When both inputs are connected, X-Charge is automatically activated - fully recharging your Power Station 33% faster! 

Versatile port selection – Always have the power you need

The Power Station features 5 different styles of output ports, so you always have the one you need. It not only features two powerful AC sockets with an output of 500W, but also has a 120W 12V car charger, 1x 60W USB-C in-/output, 3x regular USB outputs, and even 2x 5.5mm 60W DC outputs. 

Recharging made easy

Recharge the Power Station with solar power, a wall charger, or even from your car – everything is possible thanks to the included cables. The fastest way to recharge it is to use a 200W solar panel, like our Xtorm XPS200 Solar Panels.

Extreme power - anywhere

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going camping, road tripping, or simply just traveling anywhere remote – these days you need enough power to fuel all your devices. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, or even a cooler; nothing is too crazy for this Portable Power Station. Combine it with a solar panel and you’re able to go fully off grid, without having to give up the devices you can’t live without.

  • 612Wh battery capacity
  • Pure sine wave
  • Battery with a 4x longer lifespan
  • 500W AC output
  • 60W USB-C PD in-/output
  • 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0 output
  • 2x 15W USB output
  • 120W 12V Car Charger output
  • 2x 60W 5.5mm DC output
  • 6.5mm DC input
  • Solar input (PV/Anderson)
  • AC charging cable included
  • Car Charger cable included
  • MC4 to Solar PV/Anderson cable included
  • Cable pouch included

*1 Battery cycle life is a full charge, from 0 to 100%. This can be split in several smaller recharges as well.


Tech Specs

EAN 8718182275971
Serie Xtreme Power
Capacity 192000 MAh
Power 500 W
Length 19 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 20 cm
Weight 8000.00 g
Input type PV / Anderson,USB-C PD,6.5 mm DC port
Input 1 PV / Anderson / 200 W
Input 2 6.5mm DC port / 96 W
Input 3 USB-C PD / 60 W
Output type 12V Car Charger,AC Socket,USB-A,USB-A Quick Charge 3.0,5.5mm DC
Number of ouptuts 9
Output 1 AC Socket / 500 W
Output 2 AC Socket / 500 W
Output 3 USB-C PD / 60 W
Output 4 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 / 18 W
Output 5 USB-A / 16 W
Output 6 USB-A / 16 W
Output 7 12V Car Charger / 120 W
Output 8 2x 5.5mm DC / 60 W
Material PC,ABS
Water Resistant N/A
Battery Charging Time 5.3 h
Solar False
Manual Download manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
nice stuff

Nice solid device. am happy with it.

Tim De gunst
Super great device

After expected, really super nice device. Use it as a lighting point for the Garage Box and last a long time 💪erson

Jaap Vaandrager
Super fast and great service

Thinking in solutions not obstacles 👍🏻

Michael RADT
Top presentation

Complete the promise. Charges very quickly (with 300W solar panel). Complete with 12V and 230V adapters. No loss when not used.

Fred Overwater
XP500 Due to 100W solar panel

Great set. Purchased for the camper vacation. We used to work with power banks. But how great this set is.

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