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Power Bank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black Power Bank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black
FS5271 Power Bank 67W - 27.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black

27.000 mAh - 67W - 2x USB-C + 1x USB-A

Large capacity of 27K mAh With a robust capacity of 27.000mAh, this Power Bank will keep your devices charged all day long. Whether you're travelling, working on-the-go or just on the road, you'll get enough extra energy to get you through the day. This high capacity of 27K mAh is more than enough to fully charge your smartphone at least 5x and your laptop at least once.  Fast-charge your laptop with 67W USB-C PD This FS5 Power Bank has a super-fast 67W USB-C PD port that lets you quickly charge iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other compatible device. The Power Bank itself is fully charged within 2.5 hours.  Simultaneous and Pass-through charging with 3 ports With 3 different ports, you can easily charge multiple devices simultaneously. You use the powerful 67W USB-C PD port for your laptop and the 27W USB-C PD and 18W USB-A ports are suitable for charging your smartphone or earbuds, for example. The pass-through function also makes it possible to simultaneously supply the Power Bank itself and connected devices with new energy!  Suitable for airplane The battery capacity of 27.000mAh is the maximum capacity you are allowed to take with you in your hand luggage during air travel. So this Power Bank will get through all airport security checks without a problem. Use your phone or tablet during the flight to play a game or watch a film. No worries about dead batteries on arrival! Durable design Choosing GRS-certified plastic gives new life to recycled materials. Most of the Power Bank is made of this recycled plastic, helping to ensure a sustainable future. Naturally, this GRS plastic meets Xtorm's highest quality and sustainability standards.  Safe to use With its advanced safety features, this Power Bank not only protects itself but also all connected devices. Mechanisms that protect against overcharging, overheating and short circuits prevent possible accidents so you can charge your devices worry-free.
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Power bank 67W - 45.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black Power bank 67W - 45.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black
FS5451 Power bank 67W - 45.000 mAh - Fuel Series 5 - Midnight Black

45.000 mAh - 67W - 2x USB-C + 1x USB-A

High 45K mAh capacity in compact design Never run out of battery again with this Xtorm Power Bank with a massive 45.000mAh capacity! Whether you're travelling, hiking, or working: this Power Bank will give your devices extra energy all day long. This Power Bank has more than enough power to fully charge your smartphone at least 9x, or your laptop at least 2x! The batteries in this Power Bank deliver more power in a smaller casing. By using a 40% smaller battery, you get almost double the capacity in the same size!  Fast charging with 67W USB-C PD This Power Bank has an ultra-fast 67W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port, allowing you to quickly charge a laptop as well as iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and many other compatible devices. In just 3.5 hours, the Power Bank itself is fully charged! 3 Ports for Simultaneous and Pass-through Charging  Want to charge multiple devices simultaneously? No problem at all! The Power Bank features three ports: a powerful 67W USB-C PD port, a 27W USB-C PD port and an 18W USB-A port. This allows you to effortlessly charge your tablet, phone and earbuds simultaneously. And thanks to the pass-through charging function, you can charge several devices while simultaneously recharging the Power Bank itself.  Design with recycled materials By choosing GRS-certified recycled plastic as the primary material for this Power Bank, recycled plastics are given new life. The recycled material meets Xtorm's highest quality and sustainability standards and is the better choice for our planet. Safe & Protected The Power Bank is equipped with built-in mechanisms for overcharging, short-circuiting and overheating. These protect both the Power Bank and connected devices from possible mishaps. so you can charge worry-free. - This Power Bank has a battery capacity of 45.000mAh and is usually not allowed to be taken on a plane. The allowed capacity of power banks during air travel is a maximum of 27.000mAh or 100Wh.
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Power Bank Cyber 100W - 24.000 mAh Power Bank Cyber 100W - 24.000 mAh
XCP240 Power Bank Cyber 100W - 24.000 mAh

100W - 24.000 mAh

Limited Nude Edition – For the love of technologyThis gorgeous and powerful See-Through Portable Laptop Power Bank charges your devices on the go. Thanks to the extreme powerful 100W USB-C PD output, your devices are fully charged in the blink of an eye. This Power Bank is especially made to charge laptops, with the cutting-edge 100W USB-C tech mostly exposed. Packed with 24.000mAh Extreme PowerWith its 24K mAh unrestricted power, you can easily charge your devices, wherever you are. Not only a smartphone or tablet, but even your USB-C laptop or MacBook can be fully recharged without effort. The LED digital display, shows the battery status when you press the power button. The included short USB-C cable ensures you can start charging immediately. All very transparent right?!See what’s underneath: spec-highlightingThe see-through design gives the Power Bank an interesting, high-tech look, making it a real eyecatcher! The minimalistic shape draws your attention to the see-through casing, to its core full of tech, which makes a real statement. Leaving the cutting-edge 100W USB-C tech exposed, for everyone to see. Because in the end, it is the inside that counts. Slim and Compact Power BankWith a weight of just 559 grams, you can easily take this See-Through Power Bank with you, wherever you go. In combination with the compact design, the Power Bank easily fits into your backpack or handbag. But bare with us, the abundant power of this Power Bank is ideal for travelling. You can easily take it with you on your air travels, it will pass any airport security-check. Effortlessly watch your favourite series or film during a long flight and arrive with fully charged devices. Get rid of your low-battery anxiety!Pass-through & Dual-charging in a Slim fitThe Power Bank features two powerful outputs: 100W USB-C and 18W USB-A, which support Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0. Enabling you to charge two devices simultaneously. It also supports pass-through charging, enabling you to power your devices while the Power Bank itself is being charged at the same time. A skinny solution for charging all your mobile devices. Transparent Safety for Fast-chargingFast-charge your laptop and other devices in a safe way. The Xtorm safety-check ensures safe charging and protects both the Power Bank as well as your connected devices. It protects against overheating, overloading and short circuiting. Giving you the energetic charging you need with the most powerful battery cells, while keeping it safe. And that is what we call inner beauty! 
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