Xtreme Solar Panel SolarBooster - 21W Xtreme Solar Panel SolarBooster - 21W
AP275U Xtreme Solar Panel SolarBooster - 21W

21W Solar Panel

This 21 Watts SolarBooster enables you to easily use solar energy to charge your devices, anywhere you go.High yieldThis SolarBooster uses high yield SunPower® cells to charges your devices extra fast. Thanks to these very efficient cells there is minimal loss of energy during the charging process, and they even function on a cloudy day! The LCD display shows the current Ampere output of the solar panel.Easy chargingMobile devices can be connected directly to the solar panel via USB and USB-C. It’s even possible to use the SolarBooster 21 Watts to charge two devices, such as a smartphone and an Xtorm power bank, at the same time. Because the SolarBooster has a high output it’s able to charge devices extra quickly.Practical designThanks to the practical design and the carabiner that’s included, the SolarBooster 21 Watts panel can be easily fixed on a backpack, tent or bicycle. When the solar panel is not is use it’s easy to fold up and take with you. The material that’s used is strong, flexible and waterproof.Features of the Xtorm 21 Watts Solar BoosterFirst-rate Solar Panels Xtorm incorporates the latest SunPower® technology, these are the best solar panels available on the consumer market.Solar efficiency This Xtorm Solar Booster is provided with SunPower® solar panels boasting the industry’s highest solar efficiency ensuring the least possible loss of energy during the charging process.Auto Power Management The Xtorm 21 Watts Solar Charger is provided with the APM-chip. This means that this Solar Booster automatically balances the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between the attached devices.Xtorm safety checkOverload protection Xtorm mobile chargers protect the battery of the attached mobile device from overcharging. Temperature control All Xtorm Solar Boosters are provided with a temperature control chip that prevents overheating.Auto Power Management The Xtorm APM-chip automatically balances the power over the attached devices to prevent overcharging or overheating.
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SolarBooster 28W - Gen24 SolarBooster 28W - Gen24
XR2S28 SolarBooster 28W - Gen24

Portable solar panel. Compact and efficient

€89,95 €99,95
Charging with the sun’s powerThis compact Xtorm 28W Foldable SolarBooster is THE solution to power your devices during an outdoor adventure. The compact package easily fits in your backpack. The panel simply unfolds and is quickly ready for use thanks to the integrated stand. You only need the power of the sun to charge your smartphone, earbuds and drone, for example, with green solar energy in an instant. Sunny way of dual chargingWith both a USB-A and a USB-C connection on the SolarBooster, you can re-energise different small mobile devices, wherever you are. It is also possible to split the SolarBooster's power between the connections and charge two devices at the same time!Charge multiple devices in a bright wayThe USB-A and USB-C connectors make it easy to charge your mobile devices. Both USB connectors have an output of 15W FastCharge and 5V/3A. Enough power to quickly charge various devices with solar power such as a tablet, GoPro, drone or your earbuds. Make the most of the sun’s power as soon as it shines!A screen that helps you get brighterThe LCD screen gives you an accurate figure of the output the SolarBooster is providing to your devices. Besides that, the screen also helps you to place the solar panels in the optimal position. By rotating the SolarBooster, the number on the screen increases when it is faced in the best direction. A great tool to make the most of the sun’s power!A 24% sunny yieldThe SolarBooster's four panels are made of monocrystalline solar cells. These more expensive, but higher-quality solar panels, are made of a single piece. As a result, the yield per surface area is maximum 24%, which is a lot higher than polycrystalline panels. Also, a monocrystalline panel works well in lower sunlight and at both lower and extremely high temperatures. As a result, the SolarBooster’s panels provide more energy to your outdoor-adventure than other solar panels. Take it into the sunlightWherever your next trip takes you, packing the 28W SolarBooster is always a good idea. As long as you go to a place where the sun is shining, you are always supplied with #MoreEnergy without using mains power. You stay connected via your smartphone, capture images with your drone and navigate to the most beautiful places by using your GPS. Travel light & ultra-compactRated IPX4, the SolarBooster can withstand small raindrops from all directions for 5 minutes and will not even be damaged by a light rain shower. The integrated stand ensures that the SolarBooster can be easily placed and also easily gets folded into a compact package again. The folded package fits in your backpack and can be taken anywhere.Brighter daysYou get the most energy from the SolarBooster on a sunny, bright day. When it is cloudy, the yield is much lower. It is also important to make use of direct sunlight. Behind glass or, for example, the windscreen of a car, the SolarBooster works much less efficiently. You need to get out there and enjoy new adventures in the outdoors!A full boost of sunshinePure, green energy through the sun: with the 28W SolarBooster, you always have this at hand! You don't need a power outlet to re-energise your essential mobile devices during your adventures. As long as the sun shines, you'll have enough power with this durable source of solar-energy. Free from sun-damageThanks to Xtorm's comprehensive safety check, both the SolarBooster and the connected devices are protected against, for example, short-circuiting, overheating and overcharging. The SolarBooster contains no internal battery so there is no risk of overheating or burning the panels when the temperature gets too high. The built-in safety mechanisms allow you to charge your devices with powerful solar-energy without worries! 
SolarBooster 14W - Gen24 SolarBooster 14W - Gen24
XR2S14 SolarBooster 14W - Gen24

Portable solar panel. Compact and efficient

€62,95 €69,95
Travel light & ultra-compactEasily charge your devices when there is no power outlet nearby? You can now do so with this Xtorm SolarBooster! The compact and foldable solar panel fits in your backpack or handbag and easily connects to, for example, your phone or power bank and charges it. Enjoy green solar energy in an easy way, wherever you are. Simultaneous charging in a bright wayWith the two connectors, USB-A and USB-C, it is easy to charge your mobile devices. It is even possible to charge two devices at the same time. However, charging then naturally takes a little longer because the output is split between two ports. The advantage is that you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and earbuds, so you can enjoy your favourite music without a hitch. Powerful outputsBoth USB ports give an output of 10.5W FastCharge and can thus charge several small mobile devices via solar power. With 5V/2.1A, you have enough power to charge a drone, GoPro, phone or tablet, for example, without any problems. Realtime brightnessThe LCD screen has two functions. First, it gives an accurate number of the output the SolarBooster provides to your connected devices. Second, it indicates the optimal angle at which to place the SolarBooster. When you rotate the SolarBooster, the number on the screen gets lower or higher, depending on how much sunlight it captures. Giving you the reliable info you need to get the most power from the sun!A 24% high returnThe two panels on the SolarBooster are made of monocrystalline solar cells. These more expensive, but better quality solar panels, are made of a single piece. As a result, the yield per surface area is maximum 24%, much higher than for polycrystalline panels. A monocrystalline panel also works well in lower sunlight and at both extremely high and lower temperatures. As a result, the 14W SolarBooster panels produce #MoreEnergy than cheaper solar panels. More solar energy to charge your devices! Taking it to sunny placesWherever you are; this Xtorm 14W Foldable SolarBooster always comes in handy. For example, charge your phone or earbuds with green solar power in the backyard, on your balcony or during a relaxing day at the waterfront. The compact and foldable solar panel is easy to carry in your bag or backpack. Resistant to splashesThe SolarBooster is rated IPX4 and has a splash-proof coating. So a little drizzle during a festival or camping weekend is no problem at all. The panel can easily withstand 5 minutes of rain splashes from all directions. Place it on the bright side With the integrated stand, the SolarBooster is easy to put down and ready for use in no time! It is important to use the SolarBooster outside and not inside behind glass, much less sunlight will be absorbed. Of course, the SolarBooster works best when the sun shines profusely and there is not a cloud in the sky. When it is a cloudy day, there is less solar energy to give to your appliances. On a perfectly sunny day, you get the most out of it. Pure energy boost from the sunUsing green solar power is a sustainable way to power your mobile devices. With this 14W Foldable SolarBooster, you can easily give #MoreEnergy to your smartphone for example, without using mains power. Via the LCD screen, you can easily see how much output the SolarBooster is currently giving to your connected devices. Give your devices a pure energy boost with the power of the sun!No sunburnThis 14W Foldable SolarBooster is safe to use thanks to Xtorm's comprehensive safety check. Both the SolarBooster and the connected devices are protected against short-circuiting, overheating and overcharging. The SolarBooster contains no batteries, so there is no risk of overheating or burning the panels, not even at high temperatures. Make full use of the sun, as soon as it shines! Carefree charging, in a sustainable way.

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