Apple Lightning Cables

Original USB-C to Lightning Cable - 2.5  meter Original USB-C to Lightning Cable - 2.5  meter
CX028 Original USB-C to Lightning Cable - 2.5 meter

60W USB-C to Lightning

This USB-C to Lightning cable is the perfect solution if you want to make use of the fast-charging feature on select iPhone and iPad Pro models. When connected to a USB-C PD charger you’re able to charge your iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes, compared to 19% when using a regular charger and cable.Durable designThe cable consists of woven nylon, making it much more durable than regular charging cables. This means you can enjoy its fast charging capabilities for much longer. Additionally you can also use this cable to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) enabled Mac, iPad Pro, or other USB-C devices for syncing and charging.
CX009 - Original USB to Micro USB and Lightning Cable - 1 Meter - Red/White CX009 - Original USB to Micro USB and Lightning Cable - 1 Meter - Red/White
CX009 CX009 - Original USB to Micro USB and Lightning Cable - 1 Meter - Red/White
The Xtorm cables are durable and of high quality.Perfect for charging your mobile devices. Our cables have a very strong woven wire, so they can be safely stowed in a bag or pocket.Suitable for smart phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Sony etc. Equipped with a Micro USB connector and Apple Lightning Connector.  Moreover this cable will never get tangled thanks to the woven wire. Duo charging cable, with both a Micro USB connector and an Apple Lightning connector.Features of the Xtorm Dual Charging CableUltra-strong The Xtorm Dual Charging Cable has a nylon braided cord which makes the cable very strong and tangle-free.Durable and high quality This Xtorm cable has a tough cord and durable and high quality connector heads. These features make the cable last longer than the original device cable.Many types and sizes Xtorm cables can charge any type of device, because Xtorm offer cables in many types and sizes. About the Xtorm Dual Charging Cable This Xtorm cable is not just any old cable. Read all about this cable below. 2 in 1 A single cable for both Micro USB devices and Apple products with a Lightning connector.Very handy if you are travelling and you want to charge both your iPhone and your camera, for example, or a friend’s device. Also handy for home use, of course. Sturdy, woven cable The Xtorm cables have a woven outer layer, making them extremely sturdy. This also ensures a stylish look, of course. And there is one additional advantage: It means that Xtorm never gets tangled! MFi licence Naturally, Xtorm cables with an Apple Lightning connector have the MFI licence. This license indicates that the cable has been approved by Apple, and is guaranteed to work with all Apple products with a Lightning connector.
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