Xtorm XB401 Titan Power Bank pack (Apple Lightning Cable)
XB401/CE003/XTTB01 Xtorm XB401 Titan Power Bank pack (Apple Lightning Cable)
€171,95 €203,90
Contents bundle  - Travel Bag (XTTB01)- Titan (XB401)- Essential USB-C to Lightning Cable (CE003) About the Titan Power Bank The Titan contains 3 powerful USB-C PD outputs. The 60W USB-C PD port is optimized to charge Ultrabooks and other lightweight laptops in only 1,5 hours. The other USB-C PD outputs are highly suitable to charge your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the built-in cable you’re always ready to charge on-the-go! On top of that the Power Bank is made with sustainable in mind. Comes with charging cable and Travel Bag In addition to the Titan, the bundle also includes the Essential USB-C to Lightning cable* and a practical Travel Bag. The Travel bag is the size of a small toiletry bag and also fits your travel documents, pens and other small valuables besides your Power Bank and cables. Do you really want to spoil your dad this Father’s Day? Then this bundle is perfect for the dad who is always on the go and needs enough energy to power all his devices. *Do you or your father not have an iPhone? Than we recommend the Titan Pack with the Essential USB-C PD Cable!
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