Which Power Bank is the best holiday gift?

The Holiday season has arrived again, bringing the usual gift-giving stress: which Power Bank do I give as a present, and which one would I like to receive?

To make this choice a little easier, we have put together the greatest strengths of some of our Power Banks. This will help you choose the right gift!

Power Bank Travel - 6000 mAh - XB2 Series - Grey/White €18,99

The cheapest Power Bank in this list, the Power Bank Travel 6,000mAh, is certainly not the least. With its compact and minimalist design, this Power Bank is a real eye-catcher during your daily commute or city-trip. This iconic Xtorm design won the red-dot design award! 

This Power Bank offers excellent value for money: you not only get the Power Bank, but also a detachable micro-USB cable included. With this you can easily recharge the Power Bank, or any micro USB devices you have. It's two outputs allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

This Power Bank is perfect for people who commute daily on public transportation, or for shorter trips.

XB2 Power Bank Travel - 6000 mAh

Power Bank Explore - 9000 mAh - XB2 Series - Grey/White €23.99

At 9,000mAh, this Xtorm Power Bank Explore has just a bit more capacity than the previous model. This allows you to charge a smartphone up to 2x! It features 2 outputs, which can be used to charge 2 devices at the same time. The Power Bank automatically divides the power output according to the requirements of the connected devices.

It has a minimalist but striking design.This Power Bank from Xtorm also won a red-dot design award and steals the show with its removable, gold-colored micro-USB cable.

This Power Bank is the right choice for people who use their smartphone intensively and want to charge it more than once a day, or during multi-day trips.

Power Bank Explore - 9000 mAh

Wireless Power Bank Wave - 8000 mAh - Design Series - Grey €28.99

This wireless Power Bank Wave from Xtorm with a battery capacity of 8,000mAh is the last in this list. The Power Bank has enough power to wirelessly charge your smartphone up to 2x using Qi technology. The Wave also features 2 USB outputs, as well as 1 USB-C in-/output, allowing you to charge your devices while the Power Bank itself is also being recharged.

The combination of aluminum and canvas gives it a unique and powerful look. The aluminum is very durable and the canvas, with the non-slip 'plus' on top, ensures that your smartphone cannot slide away while charging.

This Power Bank is the right choice if you like convenience. You simply place your phone on top of the Power Bank and wireless charging begins. Your phone can stay in its case and you no longer need a charging cable for this.

Wireless Power Bank Wave - 8000 mAh

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