The perfect Power Bank for your ski trip!

Now that it finally snows in the Alpes, we are getting ready to go on a ski trip. We are all different and therefor, enjoy other aspects of it. At Xtorm we have several Outdoor Power Banks that give you #MoreEnergy during your holiday in the snow.

The epicurean

During your winter sports holiday you make the most of the day and love the combination of sports in the snow and fun in the pubs. You are the first to hit the slopes, and the last to leave the pub during après ski. It is important to you that your smartphone has enough battery at all times to shoot video’s and photos of gorgeous ski runs and epic falls. For those of you, we recommend the FS405 Solar Power Bank!

This Power Bank has a battery capacity of 10.000mAh to charge your smartphone at least 2 times. Its rugged case makes this Power Bank snow- and shockproof. Thanks to the integrated solar panel it is possible to charge the Power Bank during your lunch break, making sure your phone will last the entire day. The built-in flashlight helps you to find your way back to the accommodation.

The mileage enthusiast

We also thought about the extreme winter sports enthusiasts among us. Do you love a ski hut tour covering miles of snowy mountains to get to the next cabin? But do you also think it is important to stay in touch with the people back home? For all nature lovers that crave a true winter experience, we have the XR105 Xtreme Solar Power Bank!

The dual solar-panel enables you to charge this Power Bank during your way to the top of the mountain. You can easily click the Power Bank to your backpack using the carabiner, making sure you never run out of energy. Even the most remote mountain cabin, with only a few power sockets, is no problem; it is also possible to fast-charge your Power Bank through the USB-C PD port. This makes the Power Bank ready to use in no-time! You can easily track your trip using your smartphone or tablet without worrying about empty batteries.  

The off-piste adventurer

After several winter sports holidays, you have done and seen it all and are ready for the next challenge. Together with a guide and a group of friends, you want to experience the snow off-piste. Of course you want to take beautiful shots with your phone or even a GoPro. To prevent running out of power before the end of the trip, you should carry the XR102 Xtreme Rugged Power Bank with you.

This Power Bank has a capacity of as much as 20.000mAh and is waterproof! Using the three different USB-ports, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. It also has a built-in LED-flashlight, making sure you can find your way back to the slopes in case of emergency.


Now you know which Xtorm Power Bank is the best choice for your winter sports holiday. We will drink a glass of glüwein in advance to get in the mood!

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