The best way to charge your iPhone 15

With the introduction of the new iPhone 15 series, all Apple fans are looking for ways to get the most out of their new smartphone.

At Xtorm, we want to bring you the best possible accessories with the highest specs and latest technology. Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 15 series, we introduced our new GaN2 Ultra Wall Chargers!

Optimal charging wattage for your iPhone 15

Recent testing, described by Zac Hall from ‘9 to 5 Mac’, has revealed that for charging an iPhone 15, regardless of its specific model, using a 20W or 30W adapter is the most effective approach. Many people continue to rely on their older, likely 5-15W, adapters to charge their phones. However, upgrading to a more modern charger not only reduces charging time but also enhances your phone’s protection against heat during charging. This highly prolongs the life of your phone’s batteries. 

GaN2 Wall Chargers for all your devices

At Xtorm, we recently introduced our new series of GaN2 Ultra Wall Chargers. These chargers are equipped with multiple advanced safety features, to protect both your connected devices as well as the charger itself.

The series of GaN2 Ultra Wall Chargers include a 20W, 35W, 67W, 100W and 140W adapter. The three chargers with the highest wattages, are mostly used for devices likes MacBooks or heavy-duty USB-C Laptops. Thanks to the GaN2 Ultra Technology, new chargers deliver powerful performances in a compact design. With superior energy efficiency, faster charging speeds and a smaller footprint in comparison to traditional chargers.

Charge your iPhone 15 and more!

According to the recent test, the Xtorm 20W GaN2 Ultra Wall Charger is perfect for charging your iPhone 15 in the best way possible. The 20W Charger is small and compact and features a USB-C and a USB-A port to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices. Making this the best choice for charging your iPhone or any other small device.

The 35W GaN2 Ultra Wall Charger is an even better option if you are looking to charge your Ultrabook or USB-C laptop as well as your iPhone 15. The small sized charger hides a big volume of charging power. It safely and efficiently handles more power in a compact design. Making this the perfect Xtorm Wall Charger for all your frequently used devices, whether you are at home, traveling or on-the-go.  

Select the Xtorm GaN2 Ultra Wall Charger that aligns with your specific needs, and give power to your devices without a worry in the world. Elevate your charging experience today!

Xtorm's Wall Chargers

100W GaN2 Ultra Charger 100W GaN2 Ultra Charger
XEC100 100W GaN2 Ultra Charger

2x USB-C PD + USB-A - Works with laptops

GaN² Ultra: Next-Gen Power, Size, and Efficiency Don't be fooled by its size, this 100W Wall Charger packs a punch when it comes to power. GaN² Ultra – the next generation of GaN technology – allows our charger to safely and efficiently handle more power in an even smaller size. Our GaN² Ultra solution incorporates intelligent circuitry that optimizes power distribution, reducing energy waste and maximizing charging speeds. With this charger, you can enjoy fast, reliable, and energy-efficient charging for all your devices.Multi-port charging With its compact design and triple-port functionality, our 100W GaN² Ultra wall charger is perfect for your travels, office, or home. The inclusion of USB-C and USB-A ports ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. The USB-C ports provide high-speed charging for the latest smartphones, tablets, and USB-C PD Laptops. You won't need any additional adapters; simply plug in and power up. When powering multiple devices simultaneously, the maximum output of 100W is distributed across the ports. 97% GRS certified recycled plastic By choosing GRS certified recycled plastic as the primary material for our charger, we are able to give new life to materials. Diverting plastic from landfills and oceans, that would otherwise take centuries to decompose. Not only does the use of recycled plastic benefit the planet, but it also maintains the highest standards of quality and durability. A Reliable & Safe Charging Experience This charger is equipped with multiple advanced safety features, to protect your connected devices as well as your charger. The built-in overcharge, short-circuit, and thermal protection mechanisms safeguard against any potential mishaps, providing you with peace of mind during every charging session.
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