CE006 - Essential USB-C PD 140W Cable - 1.5 meter - White



CE006 - Essential USB-C PD 140W Cable - 1.5 meter - White

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Product Description

This 140W Xtorm Essential USB-C PD Cable is designed to be the perfect every-day charging cable for your laptop. It supports the next generation of Power Delivery - PD 3.1 with 140W Extended Power Range (EPR). This means that no matter which device you want to charge, you will always have access to maximum power!

140W Next Gen Power Delivery
To power the next generation of laptops, we have developed a USB-C PD cable that supports up to 140W of power. This is made possible thanks to the implementation of PD 3.1, with Extended Power Range (EPR) support of 140W.

Everyday power
All Essential Cables are designed to support a powerful and stable charging experience that you can count on, every day. 

Fexible & durable
The Essential cable is built to be your everyday charging cable. It’s flexible yet durable jacket will last longer than standard charging cables.

Tech Specs

Serie Essential Cables
Length 150 cm
Weight 59 g
Material TPE
Made for iPhone false
Solar False
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