Power Bank Titan 60W - 24.000 mAh - XB4

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Power Bank Titan 60W - 24.000 mAh - XB4

60W / 24.000 mAh

€99,00 €159,00
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The XB4 Titan features 3 powerful USB-C PD outputs, optimized to fast-charge your Ultrabook, tablet and smartphone. Thanks to the built-in cable you’re always ready to charge on-the-go!

  • Powerful 60W USB-C PD output
  • 3 USB-C PD outputs
  • 24.000 mAh battery capacity
  • Power: 90W (max)
  • Laptop fully charged in 2 hours 
  • Integrated magnetic USB-C cable
  • Sustainable materials
  • (In-)visible LED battery indicator
  • Iconic design
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Product Description

The XB4 Titan Power Bank seamlessly combines its iconic design with class-leading specifications, sustainable materials, and innovative features. It’s the perfect Power Bank to fast-charge your Ultrabook, tablet and smartphone. Thanks to the built-in cable you’re always ready to charge on-the-go!

The ultimate laptop Power Bank
The Titan packs 3 powerful USB-C PD outputs, with a combined total output of 90W. The 60W USB-C PD port is optimised to charge Ultrabooks and other lightweight laptops, it fully charges them in only 1,5 hours. The other USB-C PD outputs are highly suitable to charge your smartphone or tablet. 

Extra fast recharging
Thanks to the 60W USB-C PD input, the Power Bank itself can be fully recharged and be ready to use in under 2 hours. It even supports pass-through charging, so you can charge other devices even while the Power Bank is being recharged!

Moving towards a sustainable future
In a push to move towards a more sustainable future, we’ve incorporated the use of recycled plastic into the body of our Power Bank. Even our packaging is made from recycled materials. Our products are built to last. This way we fight the replacement market. 

A design that feels good
Design goes hand in hand with user-experience. This is why we pay special attention to details; like a smooth soft-touch finish, a carefully integrated magnetic USB-C cable, as well as the LED battery display that only appears when needed. 
Re-imagining the battery display
The LED battery display in the Titan perfectly blends into the overall design of the Power Bank. Its retro inspired pixelated design only appears when needed, showing the actual battery percentage and charging status. When turned off, the display is totally invisible – making the design of the Power Bank stand out even more, remaining clean minimalistic. 


Tech Specs

EAN 8718182276732
Serie XB4 Series
Capacity 24000 MAh
Power 90 W
Length 19 cm
Width 9 cm
Height 3 cm
Weight 626.00 g
Input type USB-C PD
Output type USB-C PD
Number of ouptuts 3
Output 1 USB-C PD / 60 W
Output 2 USB-C PD / 30 W
Output 3 USB-C PD / 30 W
Material Recycled ABS,Recycled PC
Water Resistant N/A
Battery Charging Time 2.0 h
Solar False
Manual Download manual

Customer Reviews

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Roman Rupprechter

Perfect power bank for the laptop.


Super weer, ben geupgrade van de vorige versie die ik jarenlang hen gebruikt. Doet het overigens nog steeds goed. Hebben jullie weer goed gedaan Xtorm!!

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