Experience the freedom of AC wherever you go. The powerhouses from the Xtorm Xtreme Power Series have enormous capacities and convenient AC outputs.

This allows you to not only charge your portable devices a high number of times, but also provide AC powered devices such as your razor, lamp, drill and even your laptop with energy! Ideal for camping or other travels.


Portable Power Socket 70W


With the Xtorm Portable Power Socket 70 you have access to a powerful 70W AC socket, anywhere you are. It’s been designed to be allowed on airplanes, so you can easily take this power bank all over the world!

- Max. output: 70 W (69 Wh) / 19200 mAh
- Amount of AC Sockets: 1
- Amount of outputs in total: 3

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Portable Power Station 300W


With the Xtorm Power Station you have access to a powerful 300W AC socket, anywhere you are. Thanks to it's high output you’re able to power bigger devices like a laptop, tv, or even a cooler - for multiple hours!

- Max. output: 300 W (281 Wh) / 78000 mAh
- Amount of AC Sockets: 1
- Amount of outputs in total: 8

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Portable Power Station 500W


With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 500 you have access to two powerful AC sockets with an output of 500W, anywhere you are. Thanks to its high capacity of 612Wh you’re able to power almost anything!

- Max. output: 500 W (614 Wh) / 192000 mAh
- Amount of AC Sockets: 2
- Amount of outputs in total: 9

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Portable Power Station 1300W


Our flagship Xtorm Portable Power Station 1300 supplies you with 2 1300W AC sockets. With this high output and capacity, you'll always have the energy you need.

- Max. output: 1300 W (1254 Wh) / 392000 mAh
- Amount of AC Sockets: 2
- Amount of outputs in total: 9

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Solar Panel Solo 100W


Expand your Power Station with a Solar Panel for unlimited power. Combining the two even allows you to go off-grid. Ready for adventures (and power outtages).

- Max. output: 100W
- Outputs: 5.5mm DC, MC4
- Outputs: USB-C PD & USB-A QC 3.0

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Solar Panel Bundle 200W


Take it to the next level and recharge your Power Station with 200 Watts of power, allowing for even faster recharging, so you can get back to what you were doing in no time.

- Max. output: 200W (paired)
- Outputs: 5.5mm DC, MC4
- Outputs: USB-C PD & USB-A QC 3.0

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Xtorm Powerstations



Freedom of AC Anywhere

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Features Pure Sine Wave

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Your Safety Our Priority

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With the Xtorm Portable Power Stations you can survive anywhere without an outlet. Connect all necessary devices during your camping trip, fishing trip or provide every party with the necessary power by connecting a speaker, lights and a cool box for some cold drinks.

What can I use a Power Station for?

 Too dark to read? Use the Power Station to connect a lamp or light chain.
 Drenched in sweat from the hot tent or camper? Connect a fan for some extra cooling.
 Smartphone, tablet or laptop battery empty? Then charge them all at the same time via one of the USB/USB-C ports.
 Just want some fun? Connect whatever you want. E.g. a radio for your favorite music or even a playstation with monitor for some gaming.
 Time for some selfcare? Power your shaver or hairdryer and charge your electric toothbrush using the AC output.


Pure sine wave is a feature that makes it possible to power and/or charge devices with an electric motor.

E.g. fans, small coolers and battery drills. Both the XP300U, XP500 and XP1300 models include Pure Sine Wave.


Your safety is our top priority. All Xtorm products have passed the 6 certified safety layers of the Xtorm Safety Check. All Xtorm Portable Power Stations have built-in safety features like auto-power management, a cooling system, and overload protection. These will automatically turn on when needed.

Huge Power

The main difference between a Portable Power Station and a regular Power Bank is the capacity and amount of connections. A power station almost always has one or more AC outputs, and enough power to connect all kinds of devices.

Because of this Power Stations are larger in size, unlike normal power banks. These are focused on portability and are more suitable for day trips or air travel.


The XP300U* , XP500 and XP1300 are both capable of recharging and charging at the same time. This means you can charge the Power Station and continue using your devices at the same time.


The XP500 and XP1300 Power Stations features a new type of battery cell, LiFePO4. These cells have one big advantage over standard Li-ion cells – namely their much longer lifespan. While regular Li-ion cells have a “battery cycle life”* of around 500, LiFePO4 cells have a cycle life of 2000.

That’s 4x longer than most other Power Stations!


Add a Xtorm Solar Panel to your portable power station and unlock unlimited energy. With a Solar Panel you generate your own energy through sunlight. This way you always have energy, even without a socket nearby

How long wil it take to recharge the Portable Power Station via sunlight?

Under ideal conditions. Be sure to check your location's UV index for optimal efficiency.

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