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Traveling to a new city or country can get very overwhelming. You want to see everything – but how do you travel everywhere? Depending on the country, taking taxis everywhere can get very expensive, very fast. A simple solution is to take the local public transport.
We all know that these days it’s simple to navigate public transport though Google maps – it integrates all the local public transport info when you want to travel to a specific location.

But what if you want more in depth local information? As a tourist that may very well be the case. That’s why it’s smart to download the local Public Transport apps a while before you’re traveling. Below you can find a list of several destinations, linking to the website and app of their local Public Transport.
Amsterdam - 9292
 (Android / iOS)
Berlin - BGV (Android / iOS)
London - Citymapper
 (Android / iOS)
Paris - SNCF (Android / iOS)
Barcelona - TMB (Android / iOS)
Rome - Google Maps (Android / iOS)
Prague - DPP (Android / iOS)
Helsinki - HSL (Android / iOS)
Stockholm - SL (Android / iOS)

To make sure that your smartphone battery doesn’t accidentally die while navigating the city it’s always a smart idea to have a small Power Bank in your bag. This way you won’t get lost trying to figure out how to get back to your hotel!

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