Our promise to our users: Xtorm gives you #MoreEnergy.

More Quality,
More Technology,
More Innovation,

longer lifetime, more product design, stronger batteries. 


Xtorm manufactures high quality power products,
tested by millions of travelers all over the world.



Xtorm: Europe's #1 power brand

Energizing people on their travels is what we do best.
Whether you're climbing mountains or commuting to work, we'll make sure you'll never be without power.

Xtorm is an energetic brand that manufactures high quality power products, tested by millions of travelers all over the world.
Strong quality mobile accessories that can handle just about anything. Xtorm will keep you charged at all times.

Xtorm's goal is to energize people anywhere they go through our #MoreEnergy vision and love for mobile technology. Today people require more and more from their mobile devices. Whether working on your tablet at a flex office or streaming the latest Netflix Series in your garden. We'll make sure you won't run out of power.

Designed for travel, handles practically anything. 
Xtorm finds its origin in the travel industry, durable travel accessories are one of the toughest product to make. Travel accessories ask a lot on quality, durability and user experience. We have learned a lot in those areas which results in though durable power accessories made for any use.

All Xtorm products feature the latest technologies, the best specifications, the best user experience, are safety checked and ready to go. With our expertise in power and connectivity (since 2009) we create tech-products with a ‘wow’ factor. A wide range of high class power-related products combined with a powerful one-stop-shop concept. Divided in sharp product series focused on different user groups, creating energetic travel stories in on- and offline retail channels. There is an Xtorm for everyone.  

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Power Banks

High-end powerbanks,
made for traveling. 

Power Banks

Solar Chargers

Rugged solar chargers,
made for adventure. 

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Solar Chargers


Not just any cable, but cables with smart travel features. 

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Wireless Chargers

The ease of wireless charging:
Place & charge.

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Wireless Chargers




Energizing people on the go is what we do best.
Whether you’re at home, on a business trip, climbing mountains or commuting to work, we'll make sure you'll never be without power. We know travelers and provide them with high quality products, tested by millions all over the world.



& Quality

Xtorm stands for quality and best-in-class products. While traveling (whether a daily commute or a business trip to the US) you need to be able to count on your gear in terms of durability, usage and experience.

Xtorm products are built for travel and will survive in any kind circumstances, from sub-zero temperatures, to heavy use on city trips. If a product can survive those kind of travels, it can handle about anything. 





& technology

Xtorm wants to help you get the most out of your devices, that's why we're always in search of the latest (technical) innovations to include in our power products.



& Safety

Safety is the most important value to our brand. All our products are tested according to a 6 layer certified safety check. This safety check prevents unsafe situation and protects your device from damages and unnecessary wear.











Tous les produits Xtorm conviennent également comme cadeau (professionnel), c’est pourquoi notre espace professionnel peut également les personnaliser. Nous avons l’expertise et le savoir de développer des produits en interne, mais aussi d’imprimer ou graver un logo ou un slogan sur un produit.



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Fuel Series 4 

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