Outdoor Power
for the Holidays

Finally! The summer holidays have started.
To help you prepare, shop all outdoor chargers now with a 15% discount
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Rugged adventure power! Charge your devices even under the most extreme conditions and embark on any adventure with complete confidence and fully charged batteries.

In short:
• IP65 Dust-and-Waterproof
• Fast charging and recharging via USB-C PD
• Able to charge multiple devices simultaneously
• Powerful built-in flashlight

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Visiting a sunny holiday destination, or catching a glimpse of sunlight at home? Then our self-charging sunlight chargers are the perfect addition to your luggage.

In short:
• IPX4 Dust-and-Waterproof
• Generate your own charging energy through sunlight

• Fast charging and recharging via USB-C PD
• Able to charge multiple devices simultaneously

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A whole weekend without power? Not with a Portable Power Station. Our new Portable Power Station keeps you charged up for a whole weekend while powering your portable devices. Great for camping trips, DIY, fishing trips, weekend festivals, or as a backup generator at home.

In short:
• With built-in AC Power outlet
• Features 5 different types of outputs (= Always the right connection)
• Able to charge a whole lot of devices simultaneously
• Features Pure Sine Wave to power devices with electrical motor
• Incl. various power cables and pouch
• Charged within 5.5 hours from the wall socket (AC cable)

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We power you on the go, wherever you're going.

Whether you're at home, on a business trip, climbing a mountain or travelling to work, we make sure you're never without power. We know travellers, so we offer them high quality products tested by millions of people around the world.



Xtorm stands for quality and best-in-class products. While traveling (whether a daily commute or a business trip to the US) you need to be able to count on your gear in terms of durability, usage and experience.

We want to help you get the most out of your devices, that's why we're always in search of the latest (technical) innovations to include in our power products.


High quality
& Safety

Safety is the most important value to our brand. All our products are tested according to a 6 layer certified safety check. This safety check prevents unsafe situation and protects your device from damages and unnecessary wear.

If a product can pass our Xtorm Safety Check, it can handle about anything!

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