XC202Xtorm USB-C Hub 2x HDMI

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Sobre Xtorm USB-C Hub 2x HDMI

The 2x HDMI USB-C Hub is crafted from high quality aluminium to ensure a sleek and compact design. It allows you to expand your USB-C laptop with all the connections you need – wherever you are. Perfect for travel, home and office.

Just connect - worry free
The Hub has been designed and engineered to work perfectly with your USB-C laptop, plug-and-play. This means you can always trust to have the connections you want, when you need them most. Just connect, and the Hub does the rest.

Ultra-High Definition video output
The Hub features two HDMI ports, both of which are capable of 4K UHD output at a 60Hz refresh rate – at the same time. This gives you a crisp and smooth experience when connecting high quality displays. The Hub also features a 60W USB-C PD pass through port that can be used to charge your laptop while using the hub.

Crafted from aluminium
Its functionality is further enhanced by the compact and slim design. This makes the Hub easy to take with you anywhere you go, ensuring that you can always make optimal use of your laptop. The use of aluminium body not only looks good, but makes the hub strong enough to travel everywhere you do.

EAN 8718182275056
Dimensiones 5.7 x 4.6 x 1.2 cm
Input USB-C PD 60W
Output 2x HDMI 4K/60Hz
Peso 33 grams
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