AL490Xtorm AC Power Bank Pro 41.600

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  • Bateria Interna 41,600mAh
  • Carga 5 dispositivos al mismo tiempo
  • 2 AC output universales

Sobre Xtorm AC Power Bank Pro 41.600

Via this statement we, Xtorm, would like to inform you about a recent safety development around our AL490 Xtorm AC Power Bank Pro 41.600.

In the week of the 7th of June a safety gate (through the EU) notice was sent out about our AL490 Xtorm AC Power Bank Pro 41.600, regarding a risk of electrical shocks. We would like to inform you that although we are taking action on this safety gate, the practical risk of shock with the product is very unlikely in normal use. The product is safe and there are no know issues regarding this product.

In the referred statement a risk of electrical shock is described when you partly insert the AC plug into the AC plug of the powerbank. In this scenario the AC pins may connect with the electrical circuit of power bank too ‘soon’. In case the powerbank is turned on and you partly insert the AC plugs, a small part of the pins can be exposed.

If you hesitate about the use of your AL490 Xtorm Pro power bank, please contact us by phone (0031 630 4800) or e-mail ( We will find a solution together. 


Bateria 41600 mAh
Tipo De Batería Li-ion
Dimensiones 222 x 160 x 52 mm
Input DC 24V/2A
Output 2x USB 5V/3.4A total 1x USB-C 5V/3.1A 2x 220V AC 50Hz 200 Watts
Peso 1400 gramos
Incluyendo • Manual • AC adapter • Universal AC plug • Protective pouch
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