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XPOP01 - Xtorm Outdoor Pack

€ 156,50
  • SolarBooster 12Watts solar panel (AP150)
  • Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme (AL420)
  • USB Carcharger (XPD04)
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This Xtorm product combination is ideal for outdoor use during your holiday or hike for example. You can charge your mobile devices on the go, without using AC. This pack is compatible to charge your mobile phone, tablet, GPS or navigation.

The Xtorm Outdoor pack contains:

1. Xtorm SolarBooster 12Watts solar panel (AP150)
2. Xtorm Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 (AL420)
3. Xtorm USB Carcharger (XPD04)

Total value € 184,00 now temporary as Xtorm Outdoor pack available for € 156,50 (save € 27,50)

Xtorm SolarBooster 12 Watts panel (AP150)
The SolarBooster 12 Watts is a powerful 12 watts solar panel, with high efficiency, American made, SunPower® solar cells and dual USB output.

Thanks to the high power USB output of up to 2.1A, you’re able to charge your mobile devices directly in the sun, without having the hassle of charging an external battery first. Even tablets can be charged directly in the sun.

For this device, Xtorm incorporates the latest SunPower® technology, boasting the industry’s highest solar efficiency. Because of this technology, we can make smaller panels that are just as powerful as larger panels with standard Photovoltaic. 

The panels are sewn in a 600D nylon casing, which makes this product very robust. To ensure optimum portability, the panel can be folded and closes with a magnet closure.
Every corner of the SolarBooster has a loop so you attach it to almost anything with the included carbine hook.

Not only can this panel charge your mobile devices, it’s also possible to connect any Xtorm power bank.

Waterproof Power Bank Xtreme 9000 (AL420)
The Power Bank Xtreme 9000 is a mobile charger with a battery capacity of 9000mAh. It has sufficient energy to provide to charge a tablet or to fully recharge a smartphone up to 4½ times.

The powerbank comes is a silicone housing that is water- and dust-proof to IP66 classification. This makes it excellent to use in harsh, outdoor environments, where endurance and sturdiness is key.

With an input of 2A and output of 2.1A, this powerbank rapidly charges any mobile device and is recharged in under 5 hours.

With a simple touch of the button, the LED indicators will tell you the battery status, so you can see how much power is stored in the wink of an eye. Another touch easily starts or stops the charging of your device. The powerbank itself can be recharged via either USB or AC power.

The Xtorm Xtreme 9000 is ideal on holidays, in the big outdoors, at extreme sports or for daily use. With this manageable mobile charger you’re always equipped with a back-up battery whenever and wherever you need it.

Xtorm USB Carplug (XPD04)
12Volt USB plug to charge your Xtorm powerbank or Xtorm solar charger in your car. Equipped with double USB output: 1x 2.1A and 1x 1A. This car adaptor is also suitable to charge your mobile equipment f.e. smartphone, tablet or gameconsole. Suitable to charge 2 mobile devices at the same time.


XPOP01 - Xtorm Outdoor Pack

€ 156,50

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