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Charging the Nintendo Switch on the go

The Nintendo Switch is a great game console with stunning portable gaming options. It is a brilliant device for playing your favourite game while you are on the go.
However, the battery-life is limited, who doesn't hate a flat battery while you are in the middle of a game?

Luckily there is a solution for that: A Xtorm Power Bank! 

What do you need to charge a Nintendo Switch on the go?


1. A Xtorm Power Bank 

Important: To charge a Nintendo Switch you need a Power Bank with an output of 1,5A or more. Almost every Xtorm Power Bank has this specification. 

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2. A USB-C charging cable



Important: Use a strong USB-C cable which keeps working, even after hours and hours of gaming time. 

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Our recommendation:

Xtorm USB-C Power Bank Discover

  • 17.000mAh (4x a Nintendo Switch)
  • USB-C cable included (!!)
  • Suitable to charge three devices at the same time


€ 85,-


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Xtorm product are available at your favourite retailer, e.g.:



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