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Become Xtorm reseller

Xtorm is manufacturer that markets innovative and practical solar and power solutions for everyday use. Xtorm products are designed to recharge mobile devices on the go, without having to use AC power. We bring a complete range of affordable and user-friendly consumer products to market. Our easy to use and plug and play devices can simply be charged with either solar power, USB or mains. All Xtorm products have a modern character and are of a high quality make.

Can we already interest you to resell our products?

Xtorm products are a huge success in Europe. As a reseller you can benefit from this succes. We offer our resellers several key-advantages:

High quality products
Attractive margin  
Delivery from stock
Professional service 
Full marketing support 
One-stop shopping: for any mobile device

Please contact us today for more information. We are happy to inform you about our possibilities. 



High quality products

Xtorm is specialist in the field of ​​mobile power solutions. Wether you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop; we offer a mobile charging solution that will fit your needs. Xtorm chargers can be charged either by sunlight, USB and / or AC. We bring innovative, affordable and high quality products to the market. This product excellence is shown by various design & product awards. The products are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in the Far East. We can quickly and effectively respond to any market needs changes.

We only use the latest technologies and techniques in our products. To give you an example, patented Sunpower® high efficiency panels are being used in our Platinum Plus, Yu and Lava charger.

Furthermore the Platinum Plus and Power Bank 7300 have been awarded the prestigious RedDot Design award, respectively in 2011 and 2013. Of course, all Xtorm products bear all official licenses like Rohs and CE. Xtorm products which are specially created to suit iPhone, iPod and iPad have an official Apple license.






We offer on our complete range an attractive margin.





We offer a reliable delivery, directly from our warehouse in Houten, The Netherlands. Should a product not be available from stock at any given time, the delivery time is usually no longer than 2 to 3 weeks.




Professional service

With all Xtorm products we supply a multilingual manual by default. For any (technical) assistance, we give product support either by phone or by a dedicated e-mail address. We are easily accessible for (technical) product support.

All Xtorm products are pre-charged up to 70%, to ensure they can be used right out of the box.

At Xtorm, a good after-sales service is a certainty.




Full marketing support

As a reseller, we keep you informed about the latest marketing materials and product updates. For example, that we are able to personalize newsletters for you and we offer a wide range of POS materials.

To market the Xtorm brand succesfully, we focus on the solution and bring it as a total concept, rather than focussing on the products. For shelves in the shops we offer a recognizable and plain look.




Complete product range

We provide our complete range of one-stop shopping articles, suitable for any reseller. For each mobile device we provide the right power solution.

We are always open to new product ideas. So go ahead, send us an e-mail!

With Xtorm as your preferred supplier, you are assured of mobile power for all mobile devices! We offer solutions for charging mobile gadgets of all kinds. Are you missing one? Contact us!




For consumer/product questions, please use our support-page or go directly to our support-form