PL-XP300U-XPS100Xtorm Power Station 300W + Xtorm Solar Panel 100W

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  • 281Wh battery capacity
  • Pure sine wave
  • 100W Solar panel
  • MC4 Suitable 

About the Xtorm Power Station 300W + Xtorm Solar Panel 100W

About the XP300U

With the Xtorm Portable Power Station 300 you always have a 300W socket at your disposal. Thanks to the high battery capacity of 281Wh, you can power even larger devices, such as a laptop, TV, or cool box, for several hours!

All the connections you need
The Power Station has 5 different types of ports, so you can power your devices. Not only does it have a 300W socket, but it also has a 120W 12V socket (as can be found in the car), which is perfect for a cool box, for example. The Power Station also features all kinds of USB outputs you need to charge your smartphone, tablet or even USB-C PD laptops. 

Easy charging
The Power Station can be charged in several ways: With a solar panel (Xtorm Solar Panel 100W), during a car ride, or just at home - everything is possible thanks to the supplied cables.

Extreme Power - Anywhere
Whether you're camping, taking a road trip, or simply traveling to a remote place - these days you generally have many appliances with you that all need to be powered. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, or even a cool box; nothing is too crazy with this Power Station.

About the XPS100

This Xtorm Xtreme 100W solar panel is the ultimate way to  your power your devices wherever you are. Its compact, lightweight and splash-resistant design makes it perfect for all your road trips and adventures. It can be folded, and thanks to the integrated handles it can be easily carried and set up wherever you want. Connect it to the Xtorm Power Station and you have access to unlimited power!

High efficiency solar energy
Using high-efficiency cells from SunPower means the panel has a very high yield on a much smaller surface. This allowed us to design a much more compact solar panel, without sacrificing power. The solar cells are coated with a special matte lens surface that minimizes glare and maximizes solar input.

Choose your output
This solar panel has 3 different outputs: a 100W 5.5mm DC output (which can be converted to MC4, thanks to the supplied cable), a 45W USB-C PD output, as well as a regular 18W USB Quick Charge 3.0 output. This means you can charge anything wherever you want: a Power Station, a laptop, tablet or your phone - this Xtorm Solar Panel can do it all!

Adventure ready
The solar panel is designed to be adventure ready. Its lightweight design means you can take it anywhere, and the built-in support feet mean you can set it up in seconds and angle it perfectly to optimize solar input. In the integrated bag you can easily take the supplied cables with you, and it protects the power box against the elements. The solar panel itself is also finished with a splash-proof material for added peace of mind.

How long does it take me to charge my Portable Power Station from the sun?
By the high power of 100W that the solar panel has can

Output 1 AC Socket: 300W, 220V
Output 2 USB-C Power Delivery 60W
Output 3 USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, 18W
Output 4 USB-A, 15,5W, 5V, 3.1A
Output 5 USB-A, 15,5W, 5V, 3.1A
Battery capacity XP300: 78000 mAh / 281 Wh
Battery-type Li-Ion
Dimensions XP300: 24 x 14.2 x 15.4 cm | XPS100: 106 x 2.5 x 59.8 cm
Input 6.5 mm DC port, USB-C PD
Weight XP300: 3300 grams | XPS100:
Including Manual
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