Xtorm Business Charging Locker 6BU204

€ 1.027,29
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The Charging Locker 6 allows visitors to charge their mobile devices safely. This innovative service will not only increase the amount of visitors, but also improve the customer experience.

More energy, more value
The Charging Locker 6 is a charging station with six lockers. Each locker has three built-in charging cables; a Lightning cable, a Micro USB cable and a USB-C cable. This means that the locker can safely charge any smartphone.

Safe and easy
The Locker is safe and easy to use, making it the perfect charging solution for busy areas. Thanks to the clear instructions displayed, visitors can use the Locker without any further assistance.

The Xtorm Charging Locker 6 is the perfect way of offering visitors the service they need. Give your business a boost with this professional charging solution.

Dimensions 388 x 115 x 489 mm
Input AC 100-240V
Output 6x USB Type C, 6x Micro USB, 6x Apple Lightning
Weight 12,6 kg

BU204 - Xtorm Business Charging Locker 6

€ 1.027,29
Yes1 month1-3 business days1-2 weeks

In the Media

““Een mooie oplossing voor mensen die complete festivals willen fotograferen of streamen.””
- Maxazine
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