Xtorm Business Charge 'n Go 6BU100

€ 422,29
Yes1 month1-3 business days1-2 weeks

Make your venue more powerful with the Charge 'n Go 6. This Charging Solution allows your visitors to charge their device on the go. With the extra service you are providing you will improve the customers' experience and add more value to your venue.

On the go
The Charge 'n Go 6 is a dock that holds six Power Banks. This allows your visitors to borrow a Power Bank and charge their device as they go around your venue. That is why this charging solution is perfect for large venues and events! 

More power, more value

While the Power Bank is in the docking station it can be charged up to 5000mAh which is more than enough energy to charge a smartphone twice. This means one Power Bank can be lent out to several customers without needing to charge it in between. On top of that an empty Power Bank is fully recharged very quickly. 

BU100 - Xtorm Business Charge 'n Go 6

€ 422,29
Yes1 month1-3 business days1-2 weeks

In the Media

““Een mooie oplossing voor mensen die complete festivals willen fotograferen of streamen.””
- Maxazine
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