Virtual travel game #1

  • A virtu-visit to an amazing spot
  • Stunning views
  • Travel vibes guaranteed
  • Win a discount code

With this virtual-travel-game we want to let you re-experience that great travel-feeling. 

At the end you can find an Xtorm discount code to get your travel gear complete again.

Explore the world with Xtorm, virtually this time.


Let's start

Click here to see the spot, this is the view when you step out of your cable cabin after climbing +-1200 meter with the cable car, the view is amazing already.
Remember to put on a sweater or jacket, the temperature drops by one degree every 180 meters in height so it is chilly here (+12/17 °C) at this time of the year.

The cool thing about our virtual spot is that almost the entire final climb (to the alternative top) has been put on Google Street View, we can actually relive someone’s walk on here.

Part one of the path:
For example this part: If you click on this link, you can virtually walk a part of the final climb to the spectacularly final height of 3718 meter. Just try to click forward in the virtual walk. The navigation (especially on mobile) is a bit tricky, but if you do your absolute best you can follow the path for quite some time (On desktop you can skip some bits by clicking on the map at the lower half of the browser view, remember that you can't ‘cheat’ like this when you visit this place in real life ;)).






Part two of the path:
Click here to continue the second part of the path, all the way to the alternative top; a spectaculair view. 


The view during the virtual walk is amazing, like you are in a commercial of SpaceX promoting a stay on Mars.
If you follow the path to the viewing-point, the view is superb, even on a screen, imagine how this would feel like when actually you are standing there. 

But this is not the only stunning view on this mountain, if we walk back a little bit and go ‘left’ there is a second viewing point which is also worth virtual-visiting. The view over the clouds is just amazing, like you could walk just over them (which you can’t, don’t try ;)).

Go to cloud view

When you have visited the two mentioned viewing points you haven't seen it yet, please also virtu-visit the other viewing-point, some of those will blow you away. Those are partly made by professional climbers and they show spots you can’t even see/visit when you actually are there. 

Go to Google Maps overview


Views wort virtu-visiting

For mobile users: You can visit them by holding your finger on a certain spot and click on the 360-logo, for desktop by "grabbing" - "dropping" the Streetview logo on one of the spot.The spots are marked by round dots.

Or click one below. 

A spectacular winter view

A view into the landscape

A look on the other side 

We now visited the alternative top, but there is more! The view on the actual top is absolutely worth clicking on, you can virtu-visit them by clicking on the small round circles, or one of below links. 

This is the absolute top image, at the very very top (not accessible for tourists) .

A stunning sunset view

A look downhill

We hope this virtual travel did give you a bit of the beloved travel feeling, a bit of #MoreEnergy.


Discount code

During the second walk we stepped by a small junction (a fork in the path) nearby the alternative top. On this junction stands a white sign with an arrow pointing back in the direction of the cable car station. This ‘name’, without the blank space, is a discount code for our webshop.

If you type in the mentioned place on this sign (without blank space)  in our discount-field in our shopping-cart you will get a 10% discount*!


*Discount code valid until 31-07-2021

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