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Charge your mobile devices with Xtorm

Is your smartphone battery running low? Don't worry, Xtorm has the perfect charging solution for many situations. Xtorm has mobile solutions enabling you to charge your mobile device batteries while you're on the go, at work or at home. If your job involves a lot of travelling and you need to be reachable while on the move, you'll find a Power Bank an ideal way of extending the battery life of your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. If you want to keep in touch with the home front while travelling or on holiday, a powerbank or Solar Charger is ideal for charging your phone or camera. Keep all your mobile devices fully charged with Xtorm.


A powerbank is a small portable charger (a.k.a. a battery pack). Thanks to this emergency battery, you can charge the batteries of such USB devices as smartphones, tablets, GoPros, Bluetooth speakers anytime and anywhere without using a plug socket. Xtorm offers a lot of varations of powerbanks; waterproof, high capacity powerbanks, USB-C powerbanks, AC-powerbanks, wireless powerbanks and more... Find out:

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Charger cables

Xtorm offers a range of strong, reliable charger cables to charge such mobile devices as smartphones and tablets. Various types and sizes available, including micro USB cables, lightning cables, USB-C cables, etc.

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Solar Chargers

A Solar Charger is a means of charging mobile devices using sunlight. The perfect charging solution for outdoor activities and holidays.

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Power Hubs

An Xtorm Power Hub allows you to charge all your mobile devices at once using a single plug socket. A Power Hub is an ideal space-saving solution for keeping your desk tidy, at home or at work.

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