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XB201 - Xtorm Power Bank Explore 10.000

€ 65,-


  • 10.000mAh capacity
  • Extra fast charging with Quick Charge 3.0
  • Suitable to charge three devices at the same time
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The Xtorm Power Bank Explore is part of the innovative, stylish Xtorm Power Bank range, the XB2 line. The Power Banks in this line combine unique properties with a well thought-out design.

The Power Bank Explore enables you to charge your mobile devices anywhere and anytime. This Power Bank has a 10.000mAh internal battery, providing enough power to charge a smartphone at least four times. It is also possible to charge two devices at once. What's more, its rubber finish gives this back-up battery a streamlined, stylish look.

The Power Bank Explore has an extendable micro USB cable for charging mobile devices (with micro USB port) as well as the Power Bank itself. This means you’ll always have a cable to hand if you need one.

The Power Bank Explore features Quick Charge 3.0 technology, allowing extra fast charging of mobile devices. If your smartphone uses the same technology, it will charge up to 60% faster! The battery of your mobile device will charge in next to no time. The LED lights around the on/off button show you at a glance how much power the Power Bank has used.

The Power Bank Explore 10.000 is the ideal charging solution for business trips, holidays, or longer travels. Charges mobile devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, GoPro or camera, wherever and whenever you want to!


About this Xtorm Power Bank


Reliable, handy, comfortable

You can always see how much battery has been used thanks to the indicator lights round the on/off button. The Travel will automatically stop charging as soon as the battery of your mobile device is full, so it will never overcharge. The rubber finish on the Power Bank ensures a comfortable grip and will prevent it from accidentally rolling off the table.


Never forget your cable again

You'll always have a cable to hand thanks to the removable micro USB cable, which is attached to the Power Bank with a magnet. Use the same cable to charge the Power Bank itself and your mobile devices.


1, 2, GO - charges up to 2 devices at once

The Power Bank has two USB ports which you can use simultaneously. The power automatically adapts to the connected devices.


Charge your devices faster than ever

The Quick Charge 3.0 technology enables you to charge your devices four times faster than using a conventional charger in a plug socket. This will only work if the device you want to charge supports this technology, however. Quite how long it will take to fully charge the battery of your mobile device depends entirely on the size of the battery.






Battery capacity 10.000mAh
Battery-type Li-ion
Dimensions 109.8x75.2x23mm
Input 5V/2A Micro USB
Output 2x USB 5V/2,4A + 5V/3A (max. 3A) Charges USB-C laptop
Extra feature QC 3.0 (5V-12V)
Weight 214 grams
Including Removable micro USB cable, micro USB cable, USB-C cable, wrist wrap & manual

XB201 - Xtorm Power Bank Explore 10.000

€ 65,-

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