Actually it works really simple: Place your Xtorm solar charger in direct sunlight and charging begins. Direct sunlight does mean outside in the sun. Not behind the window or carglass for example. When the Solar Charger is placed in the sun, charging of the internal battery will start immediately.

In case of a Xtorm SolarBooster the charging process of the connected device will automatically start when the solar panel receives enough sunshine. 

Yes, of course we have!
Learn all about solar charging in the topics below.

The best solar charging angle

Place the solar panel in the a 90 degrees angle towards the sun. In this case the sun’s rays will hit the panel right-angled (perpendicular).

Solar charging during cloudy weather

Even in cloudy weather Xtorm solar charging does work. The Xtorm Solar Chargers and Solar Panels have high efficiency solar technology which even works during cloudy weather. Of course sunny weather and a clear sky will cause faster solar charging.

Time of the day

When charging by sunlight the best results are between 9 AM and 3 PM. Before or after these times, solar charging is less efficient.

Placement (not in the shadow or behind a window)

The best results are achieved if the solar panel is placed outside in direct sunlight, not behind a window, behind glass or inside a car. 

Xtorm uses the best available solar technology. With an efficiency of 22% the Xtorm solar panels & chargers are the top of the market, even more efficient than the solar panels used on buildings or houses. 

The solar technology Xtorm uses is from an American manufacturer 'SunPower®'. These panels are strong, efficient, flat and lightweight. Ideal for small surfaces like on a mobile solar charger. 

It’s extremely simple:

  1. Connect your device to a Xtorm by using a charging cable
  2. Press the powerbutton on the Xtorm
The charging process will start and will stop automatically when the device is fully charged!
As easy as that!
Having troubles? Do you still have troubles charging your mobile device on the go? Please contact our customer support.

* Most mobile devices can be charged with a micro USB cable (included), some exceptions are: Apple devices and old devices; please use the original charging cable instead.

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