The New Xtreme Series are here!

Chargers capable of withstanding extreme conditions like sub-zero temperatures and heavy use. Built to provide you with #MoreEnergy during any outdoor adventure!

We have renewed the products in this line and updated them with tougher looks, better specs and awsome new travel features.

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Better Specs
Faster charging

Renewed design
and colours

Future ready
USB-C In/output

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Power any
Outdoor adventure

Extreme products capable to power any adventures you take on. Power Banks that allow you to fast charge your mobile devices in any condition.

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No bumps
& Bruises

Tested for resilience against the impact of dropping it on different surfaces. Built to survive your adventures.

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High efficient
Solar Panels

Generate your own energy through sunlight. All Xtorm Solar Chargers are supplied with Sunpower® Solar Cells. The most efficient solar panels on the consumer market. 

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Lifetime lasting cables, ready to take on extreme conditions and rough adventures with you. Unbreakable due to XFLEX4 Bend-proof technology and tested by bending over 100,000 times.

In short:
- Built to last a lifetime (lifetime warranty*)
- XFEX4 Bend-proof technology. Designed to bend over and over again.
- U-Shaped cut-out. Prevents the connector from bending with the cable.
- 33% Aluminium. 54% Nylon Braiding. 13% Dupont™ Kevlar® fibres.
- Suitable for fast charging and high speed data transfer.
- Strong cable tie included to keep your trip organised.

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To last

The Xtreme Cables are specially designed to survive all your rough adventures. Every detail is designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by heavy use. It's able to withstand 100.000x bends, and is pull tested to support up to 100kg!



The Xtreme Cables are made from a multi-layer composite material with a reinforced core, that guarantees extra strength and durability. Every detail of the cables is designed to be maximally rugged, even the included cable strap!



Built to provide you with #MoreEnergy during all your travels and outdoor adventures. You have to feel it to believe it.


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*We offer a lifetime warranty on the operation of this product. This warranty will lapse in the event of improper use.
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