CX2041Xtorm Original USB-C to Lightning cable (3m)

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  • USB-C to Lightning
  • 3 meters

About the Xtorm Original USB-C to Lightning cable (3m)

This Xtorm Original Cable is designed to be the perfect every-day cable. Powerful fast charging and reliable data transfer are combined with durable features that make this cable able to withstand the wear and tear caused by daily use.

Strong and durable features 

The use of braided nylon not only reinforces the cable, but also ensures its flexibility over long periods of time. The connectors feature a unique metal housing, specially designed with a U-shaped cut out that allows the cable to bend and move more freely. 

Dimensions 3m
Output 20V/3A (60W), data speed: 480Mbps
Weight 101 grams
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