XB303Xtorm 60W Power Bank Voyager 26.000

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  • 26.000mAh internal battery
  • Charges 4 devices at the same time
  • 2 integrated charging cables

About the Xtorm 60W Power Bank Voyager 26.000

The Power Bank Voyager is part of the innovative XB3 Power Bank range. An intuitive design, high quality materials, and class leading specifications are what set this new range of Power Banks apart. They feel great in-hand and are a joy to use, making the XB3 the ultimate mobile charging solution.

Charge your laptop with USB-C PD

One Power Bank to charge all of your devices. A powerful 60W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) in-/output means that having this Power Bank in your bag allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, and even your laptop, everywhere you go. Thanks to the large 26 000mAh / 93,6Wh Li-ion battery you’re able to travel and work without ever having to worry about your batteries running low!

Recharged in just 3 hours

Thanks to the high 60W input, the power bank itself is recharged in only 3 hours. This means you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house with an empty battery.

Never without a cable

The inclusion of two integrated removable USB-C PD cables means that you can charge your devices, or the Voyager itself, wherever you are.  

Protected against scratches
User-experience is a central element in the Voyager’s design. The result is a Power Bank that not only delivers power when you need it the most, but also looks great. Details like a rubberized finish mean that the Power Bank feels great in-hand, while protecting both the Power Bank and the contents of your bag from getting scratched.


XB303 60W XB304 130W
XB3 (premium) XB3 (premium)
26.000mAh 27.200mAh
60W USB-C PD, Removable USB-C cabels 130W USB-C PD, Removable USB-C cabels
Up to 10 phone charges Up to 10,5 phone charges
Suitable for small USB-C laptops, smartphones & Tablets Suitable for all USB-C laptops, smartphones & Tablets
Recharging time 3.5 hours Recharging time 1.5 hours
179x92x23mm 179x92x23mm
515 grams 558 grams
Manual Download manual
Battery capacity 26000 mAh
Dimensions 179 x 92 x 23 mm
Input USB-C PD 60W (Laadtijd: 3u)
Recommended adapter XA030 - Xtorm Volt Laptop Travel Charger USB-C PD (60W)
Output 1x USB-C PD 60W, 1x USB-C 15W (5V/3A), 2x USB Quick Charge 3.0 18W
Extra feature 60W
Weight 520 grams
Including Manual, 2 USB-C PD cables, USB to USB-C cable
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