CX2141Original 90 deg USB-C PD cable (1,5m) Black

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  • 90⁰ Angled cable
  • Bend proof
  • Strong durable nylon

About the Original 90 deg USB-C PD cable (1,5m) Black

This Xtorm Original 90⁰ Cable is designed with an angled connector, perfect for charging your phone while watching videos, playing games, or navigating in your car. It’s also perfect for charging your USB-C Laptop. Xtorm Original cables offer powerful fast charging, reliable data transfer, and a reinforced design able to withstand the wear and tear caused by daily use.

Improve your experience with a 90⁰ Angled Cable
Having a straight cable sticking out your phone is not always convenient, and could lead to extra stress on the cable as well as the port. A cable with an angled connector not only relieves stress on the connector, but also makes your phone easier to use while watching videos, playing games, or navigating in your car.

A Strong Cable with Durable Features
The use of braided nylon not only reinforces the cable, but also ensures its flexibility over long periods of time. The connectors feature a unique metal housing, specially designed with a U-shaped cut out that allows the cable to bend and move more freely.

Bend proof - tested over 30.000x
Xtorm Original Cables are bend-proof for over 30.000x, thanks to a unique design that combines reinforced features and high quality materials. The angled connector alleviates strain on the cable even further, and protects the plug. 

EAN 8718182276152
Dimensions 1,5 meters
Output USB-C PD 100W
Weight 26 grams
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