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CX013 - Xtorm USB-C™ to USB-C Cable

€ 27,00
  • Strong woven USB-C cable
  • USB-C > USB-C
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Strong woven USB-C cable to charge all your USB-C devices or synchronize data. Xtorm USB-C cables have a special Dynamic Power Chipset, which automatically adjusts the voltage and charge speed according to the connected device. 

This Xtorm cable has a USB-C connector to a USB-C connector.



Features of the Xtorm USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Xtorm Dual Charging Cable has a nylon braided cord which makes the cable very strong and tangle-free.

Durable and high quality
This Xtorm cable has a tough cord and durable and high quality connector heads. These features make the cable last longer than the original device cable.

Many types and sizes
Xtorm cables can charge any type of device, because Xtorm offer cables in many types and sizes.

Dimensions 1 meter
Weight 31 grams

CX013 - Xtorm USB-C™ to USB-C Cable

€ 27,00

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