Xtreme Series

Xtorm Xtreme Series
Power your adventures

Tested under extreme circumstances, from sub-zero temperatures, to heavy use. Built to provide your outdoor adventures with #MoreEnergy.

What is Xtorm Xtreme?
The Xtorm Xtreme products are designed to survive the extreme conditions of any kind of outdoor-adventure.

These products provide you and your devices with #MoreEnergy. Continue to navigate without any worries, film the unique moments you encounter and always stay in touch with the ouside world with full-charged equipment.

Because your travels and activities can be tough our products are tested under the most extreme circumstances, from sub-zero temperatures, to heavy use. Over and over again.

Outdoor proof design
The Xtreme Series are designed to provide you with energy during any adventure. Thanks to the compact and efficient design, it will easely fit your pocket or bag. All of these outdoor products have useful features
 like a built-in flashlight or a carabiner for fastening the charger to your bag.

We pay a lot of attention in designing our products. We do this by carefully selecting materials and innovative (fast)charge techniques to bring you the best possible specs available.

All of the Xtreme chargers have a tough, impact-resistant body and feature a IP rating.

IP rating?
IP stands for 'International Protection Rating' and indicates the degree of protection of the charger under extreme conditions. The number mentioned indicates the conditions under which the product has been tested.

 IP class


 IP20 Dustproof
 IP21 Drip proof
 IP23 Rainwater proof
 IP44 Splash proof
 IP54 Splash proof and dustproof
 IP65 Protected against water jets
 IP67 Dustproof and protected from immersion for 30 minutes
 IP68 Dustproof and protected against staying under water (all-weather-proof)
Generate your own energy
You can easely generate your own energy via sunlight with our Solar Chargers. As a result you will no longer be dependent on a socket for charging your devices, as well as the Solar Charger itself.

High efficient SunPower® Solar Cells
Xtorm uses the latest SunPower® technology in all Solar products. These are the best solar panels available in the consumer market. As a result, the chargers are recharged and ready for use in no time without too much energy being lost. Our Solar products also work even on cloudy days!

View how long it takes for your Solar Charger to be recharged via sunlight here.

Unbreakable Charging Cables 
(Solid Blue Series)
Our Solid Blue cables are extremely strong and have a lifetime warranty. What makes the cables so strong is the combination of XFLEX4 Bend technology in the connectors with a braided cable incl. DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers. All our Solid Blue cables have a velcro closure to take the cable rolled up in your bag when traveling.
XFLEX4 Bend technology
The connector of the Solid Blue cables uses XFLEX4 technology. This technique makes both ends of the cable completely bend proof. We test this by bending the cable more than 30,000 times!
DuPont™ Kevlar®
The cable itself is protected by a strong braided cable. This cable consists of heat-resistant and strong synthetic Kevlar® fibers. This material is ideal for surviving outdoor activities and fits perfectly within your active lifestyle.

Lifetime warranty
Our Solid Blue cables have an extremely durable design. This unique long-lasting quality allows us to offer a lifetime warranty* on all Solid Blue cables.
* We offer a lifetime warranty on the operation of this product. This warranty is void in case of improper use. DuPont ™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


Combining Xtreme products.
To get even more out of your adventure, you can combine Xtreme products. 

The product that is perfectly suited for this is the Xtorm Solar Booster wich allows you to convert a large amount of sunlight into energy to charge your devices.

If you combine the Solar Booster with a Waterproof Power Bank, you can charge the Power Bank via the sun without using a socket! Ideal if you do not have a socket available for a long time during a long trip or journey.

For an indestructible combination, add a Solid Blue cable to the package!


Frequently Asked Questions.

What does 'IP' stand for?

Learn more about the IP rating of Xtreme products here.

How long wil it take to charge my Solar Charger via sunlight?
Charging times are based on ideal conditions.

 AM121 - Evoke


 AM114 - Lava

 FS305 - Robust

 AM122 - Impulse

 AM123 - Instinct

How long wil it take for my Solar Booster to charge my device (via sunlight)?Charging times are based on ideal conditions.

 AP275 - Booster


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