The toughest race in the world - An inevitable evacuation

It's not called The Toughest Rowing Race for nothing. Read up on Team Atventure's latest news!

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The toughest race in the world - What's in their boat?

With Dominic and Florian from teamatventure almost boarding that plane to La Gomera, to start their journey across the Atlantic ocean. We take a look at what’s in their boat. 

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Threading the Middle East

Two people walk into a bar, the guy says to the girl: let's walk 4000km and dive in a theory I read about common ground forming the first step towards cohesion.

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The toughest race in the world - Rowing 4800 kilometres for charity

How well do you know each other? How well do you want to know each other? Well enough to row across the ocean together for at least 38 days?

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Charge your laptop with a Power Bank

The ability to charge your laptop anywhere you are gives you the freedom to work and travel, without having to worry about empty batteries. Xtorm has several Power Banks that offer you just that. So what option is best for you? And how many times can they recharge your laptop?

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Navigate and explore new places

Exploring and experiencing what new places have to offer may be the most important reason to travel, so it only makes sense you want to see as much as possible and don’t want to miss out on anything important.

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