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Kristiin oja

Professional kitesurfer - Estonia

Kristiin is full of energy and always up for some kite surf adventures. She has participated in the PKRA World Tour several times and became Freestyle Champion. Kristiin uses Xtorm products to charge mobile devices during all her kite surf trips.






Jairo Iglesias

Film maker - Spain

As a freelancer Jairo shoots films for brands and companies on locations all around the world. Jairo uses Xtorm products to make sure the batteries of his cameras, MacBook and other mobile devices are charged, so he can work wherever he wants.








Marvin Kilsdonk

Motorcyclist – The Netherlands

Marvin is a fanatic motorcyclist and owner of one of the biggest Dutch motor routes blogs. He likes shooting images and videos on the road so he uses the Power Bank Xtreme to charge his GoPro wherever he goes. He loves the fact that this Power Bank is water-and-shockproof.





Neil Robertson

Travel Blogger - Scotland

Neil is a travelling writer and photographer who constantly scours the best of his home country of Scotland. Focused largely on the outdoors with his blog, he's happiest when up a Highland mountain. Having sturdy, waterproof (it rains in Scotland occasionally) and reliable power packs and equipment protectors are essential for him to keep up to date on his social media channels.


Rick Cremers aka the cycling dutchman

Cyclist - The Netherlands

This world cyclist has become the first and youngest solo cycling Dutchman to go around the world by bicycle. And we are proud to have been a part of it!  The Xtorm Solar Booster and Power Bank Xtreme made sure his mobile devices never ran out of power during his cycling adventures.






Johan Lolos

Travel photographer - Belgium

Johan travels to the most amazing, but remote locations around the world to take beautiful pictures. Xtorm provides him with energy to ensure his gear doesn’t run out of battery, and to make sure Johan can take more pictures.






Arthur Glaser

Sportsman & photographer - The Netherlands

Arthur travels to Arctic areas a lot and he wants to share his experiences by taking pictures and videos: from the sky in his paramotor, from the ground on his touring skis in winter. With the extreme cold weather and snowstorms the battery of his gear runs out very fast. That’s why he uses the extra energy from Xtorm products which are built to work in even the most extreme weather conditions.






Giuseppe zito

Traveler & blogger - Italy

Passionate traveler and blogger – Italy Giuseppe always brings his Xtorm Power Bank in his travel bag. He uses the energy to charge his mobile devices and to always stay connected during his travels.



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