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XP500-XPS100 Xtorm 500W Solar Generator - Xtorm Portable Power Station 500W + Xtorm Solar Panel 100W

Portable Power Station 500W + Solar Panel 100W

€975,00 €1.148,00
Buying a Power station and a Solar panel: Solar Generator With the Xtorm Portable Power Station XP500 and an Xtreme Solar Panel XPS100 you always have two power plugs with a combined output of 500W with its own power supply at hand. With the high battery capacity of 612Wh, you can power different devices for hours. Even bigger devices like a laptop, tv or even a cooler. Buying a Power Station in combination with one or more Solar panels, is ideal to supply all your small or mobile devices with enough power during a short or longer trip. Whether you place your solar generator on the ground or on top of your caravan or motorhome, bringing it with you is always a great idea! Easy charging The XP500 can be charged in four different ways: through a wall socket, a USB-C PD cable, during a car journey using the 12V connection or via one or more Xtorm Solar panels. While charging the Power Station, you can still use all outputs to charge your devices. High solar yield You can easily charge the XP500 Power station, using one or two solar panels. By using high-efficiency SunPower cells, the panel has a high output on a relatively small surface. With this, we have developed a solar panel that is compact, light-weight, splash-proof and fully charges the XP500 Power station in no-time! Extra-long-life batteries The XP500 uses a new type of battery cell; LiFePO4. These cells have a much longer lifespan than standard Li-ion cells. They last about 4 things longer! Connectors for all devices You can connect the Xtreme solar panel, using the included cables, easily to a 500W Power station. An Xtorm Power station has 5 different types of outputs to supply power to nearly all of your devices. Even if you end up off-grid during your road trip, your 500W Solar Generator will still allow you to keep powering your smartphone, camera, cooler or even a small tv. Thanks to the Pure sine wave, you can even connect older devices to your Power station. Devices with an electrical motor like an electrical razor, toothbrush or fan work effortlessly. Portable and user-friendly The Solar generator is really easy to carry with you. Because of the handles, the Power station can be easily picked up and placed in the right spot. The Power station weighs less than 9 kg and can therefore be lifted by almost anyone. The solar panels are also light-weight and even foldable so you can take them with you, everywhere you go. The support feet allow you to set up one or more panels, in the correct angle, within seconds. The integrated pouch is designed for easy storage of the included cables and protects the powerbox against the elements.

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