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Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Magnetic Wireless Car Charger
AU201 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Compatible with Apple’s MagSafe

This Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem, which means your iPhone* will magnetically attach itself to the wireless charger. The reinforced magnets will keep your phone firmly in place. Simply snap it on to start charging – the perfect charging solution for commutes and road trips.Magnetic Power – Attach with a simple snapThanks to the use of reinforced magnets your phone stays firmly in place while driving around. They align perfectly with the ones in your iPhone, so it’s always in the optimal charging position for maximum efficiency and charging speed. Easy to install Air Vent MountInstalling the charger is as simple as clipping it onto your car’s air vent, using the supplied mount. The mount features strong padded clamps for a secure grip, designed to withstand bumpy roads and potholes. Designed meets safetyWe’ve designed this wireless charger to blend into the design of your car’s interior. Once installed the charger keeps your phone within view for hands-free navigation, so you can always keep an eye on the road. *iPhones that are compatible with MagSafe (iPhone 12 and later models) Icluding iPhone Mini, Pro, and Pro Max. 
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